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The 2019 model is a part of the Armada\u2019s second generation, which began with the 2017 Armada. The newly released 2019 Armada features much-needed updates, upgrades, and minor restyling while maintaining the reliable high performance and luxury look and feel that have always defined the Armada. <\/p>\n

If you\u2019re considering buying a 2019 Armada but are still on the fence about it, check out this info to help you determine whether or not the newly released Armada model is the right choice for your next vehicle. <\/p>\n

Families with Kids<\/h2>\n

If you\u2019re part of a family with kids\u2014especially younger kids\u2014the 2019 Nissan Armada was made for you. The newest Armada is advertised specifically as an ideal family car, and many its most notable features back up this claim. <\/p>\n

First off, the interior of the 2019 Armada<\/a> is roomy and comfortable. It features three rows of seats\u2014with a third row designed specifically for children\u2014and can hold up to seven passengers at a time. Its cabin offers plenty of room, and its seats are plush and comfortable for long car rides. The new Armada even includes a special cargo storage compartment under the floor that is perfect for lugging around your kids\u2019 hockey gear or dance shoes without cluttering up the interior of your car. Plus, a state-of-the-art audio system with Bluetooth streaming audio helps keep both kids and adults in the car entertained at all times. <\/p>\n

A host of modern, high-tech safety features help seal the deal on the Armada as an ideal choice for families with kids. When you\u2019ve got your family in the car with you, you\u2019re carrying precious cargo. Focusing on keeping everyone safe on the road can be stressful\u2014especially if you have young children in the backseat distracting you. Nissan\u2019s advanced safety features offer you peace of mind while driving and make sure that your attention stays on the road ahead of you at all times\u2014instead of drifting to the backseat where your kids are begging for more snacks.
\nSome of the most notable advanced safety features of the newest Armada model include but are not limited to: intelligent lane intervention, intelligent forward collision warning, blind spot warning, intelligent blind spot intervention, intelligent back-up intervention, automatic emergency braking, and more. <\/p>\n

Lovers of Luxury on a Budget<\/h2>\n

The car you want and the car that fits into your price range are often two very different models. The 2019 Armada is renowned for its luxury look and feel, but the posh style it offers doesn\u2019t come with an outrageous price tag like many other upscale SUVs on the market. It is available in a variety of different trim levels to allow drivers to choose the model that best fits their personal budget. The base trim level of the 2019 Armada starts at just over $47,000. <\/p>\n

The 2019 Armada\u2019s luxury exterior and interior style combined with its spacious, comfortable cabin are ideal for drivers and passengers who like to ride in both comfort and style. This SUV has a sleek, streamlined exterior and a comfortable, posh-looking interior with multiple upholstery and trim choices. It also comes with many optional upscale amenities like dual zone automatic temperature control, climate-controlled front seats, and a remote engine start system with a push button ignition.<\/p>\n

Outdoor Adventurers<\/h2>\n

Nissan\u2019s 2019 Armada is an underrated option for campers and other outdoor adventurers who like to get out into the world. The 2019 Armada gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to go at a moment\u2019s notice without worrying about making any significant preparations to ready your car before you embark on your next adventure. <\/p>\n

Equipped with an impressive towing capacity of 8,500 pounds, the Armada full-size SUV is always ready to take you, your family, and your RV or boat out on the open road safely and effortlessly. The roomy interior of the Armada helps makes longer car trips more comfortable and enjoyable for both drivers and passengers and allows you to bring your whole family\u2014or six friends\u2014with you whether you\u2019re headed for a summer trip to the lake or a weekend of unpluggingicc_01.gif\"\/>
Armada\u2019s Intelligent Cruise Control<\/a> keeps you safe and ensures a smoother ride on long, windy roads that would normally involve constant starts and stops that make everyone in the car feel sick. Nissan Navigation System streamlines your trip and makes sure you always know where you are and where you\u2019re going\u2014even in unfamiliar places. Plus, a Bluetooth hands-free phone system and five USB ports help you stay connected while on the go. <\/p>\n", "excerpt": "", "date": 1547375358, "tags": [ { "term_id": 39, "name": "Armada", "slug": "armada", "term_group": 0, "term_taxonomy_id": 39, "taxonomy": "post_tag", "description": "", "parent": 0, "count": 1, "filter": "raw" }, { "term_id": 40, "name": "Intelligent Cruise Control", "slug": "intelligent-cruise-control", "term_group": 0, "term_taxonomy_id": 40, "taxonomy": "post_tag", "description": "", "parent": 0, "count": 1, "filter": "raw" } ], "categories": [ { "term_id": 5, "name": "Blog", "slug": "blog", "term_group": 0, "term_taxonomy_id": 5, "taxonomy": "category", "description": "", "parent": 0, "count": 90, "filter": "raw", "cat_ID": 5, "category_count": 90, "category_description": "", "cat_name": "Blog", "category_nicename": "blog", "category_parent": 0 } ] }, { "title": "Podcast: Preowned vs. Certified Preowned", "datecreated": 1547125106, "next_post_link": { "url": "https:\/\/\/2019\/01\/18\/importance-of-checking-all-fluids\/", "title": "Metro Nissan: Importance of Fluid Levels" }, "prev_post_link": { "url": "https:\/\/\/2019\/01\/10\/podcast-preowned-vs-certified-preowned\/", "title": "Podcast: Preowned vs. Certified Preowned" }, "permalink": "https:\/\/\/2019\/01\/10\/podcast-preowned-vs-certified-preowned\/", "id": 22496, "content": "

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