Podcast: Customer Let’s Me Test Drive a Nissan Rogue With Him

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Matt: 00:00
Friends, family, listeners, how's it going? It's your host. It's Matt and I'm here at Metro Nissan Redlands, and you know how I do guys. I'm always trying to get you different voices, different people to actually hear from, whether they actually work here at the dealership or maybe even customers. So I've really been trying to find customers that are willing to speak with us just to let them know-- or actually for them to let us know what it is about a Nissan vehicle that they're interested in really. I just figured we could all kind of relate. We've all been a buyer before. So instead of having someone come in and tell you why you should get the vehicle from them, I figure let's just hear from some actual customers. So I want to thank this guy here who I met just a little but ago. He seems like a pretty good guy. His name is Joe. Joe, how are you, man?
Joe: 00:57
Doing pretty well. Doing pretty well. Hopefully, get a car here soon.
Matt: 01:01
Yeah. I really want to thank you for doing this. I know it's kind of awkward when I just come up to random people and just say, "Hey, can we have a conversation?" And I mike you up and everything. So again, thank you for your time here. But I did notice that you were kind of in the lot looking around a little bit. So I just wanted to ask you, what was it that you had your eye on out there?
Joe: 01:23
Well, I came in looking for an SUV because, professionally, I'm a journalist, and I like to work and have fun. So I need something that I can carry all my stuff around. I got video equipment, audio equipment, kind of like you got here right now. And I have to carry that around from job to job. And then also when I'm at home, you've got my bike and things like that that I got to get around. And I needed something with some space. And maybe if I get a girlfriend here soon, get the family going, you want something that can carry people around.
Matt: 01:52
Yeah. Oh, boy.
Joe: 01:53
A tiny little sedan's not going to really handle all that, all the toys and the boys.
Matt: 01:58
Right, right, right.
Joe: 02:00
So I'm looking for something like that. And I've always heard Nissan's a great brand. I had a Nissan a couple years back. It was pretty good. Held up well.
Matt: 02:08
Yeah. They hold up really well.
Joe: 02:10
Yeah. So I figured, "Hey, give these guys a look." And I think right now, the thing that's catching my eye the most, probably this Rogue that they have. I really like the way it looks, especially that really bright, stand out red that they've got right now. This model here on the-- I walked in and like, "Bam, that's some red."
Matt: 02:30
That's the one. Yeah. Are you looking to get it used, or are you looking at a brand new one?
Joe: 02:34
I'm thinking-- price-wise, it's pretty good. So I think they quoted me around $25,000 to start. So that's not bad.
Matt: 02:42
No, that's not bad at all.
Joe: 02:43
So I think-- yeah. For an SUV especially. So if we can keep the price down around that range, I'm definitely thinking going new, especially because the new version's got so many cool features and whatnot. Especially in safety too. So I think-- trying to get one of those new ones, those brand, spanking new 2019's.
Matt: 03:04
No miles. Still got the new car smell.
Joe: 03:05
Yeah, yeah.
Matt: 03:07
So you mentioned-- you already talked a lot about what Nissan has to offer, especially this vehicle here, the Rogue. So we're looking at 2019 Rogues. Have you actually done research on it before you came in, or you just decided to come in and kind of see what caught your eye?
Joe: 03:21
I did a little bit of research. I checked on Nissan's website. I saw some commercials-- or didn't see. Hear. I got that magic vision I can [inaudible] [laughter]. I heard some commercials on the radio and whatnot about Nissan and especially the Redlands location here because it's just down the street from my place. And I figured, "Hey, it's right down the road. Might as well give it a shot, go check them out." Looked at their website. Saw some cool deals and whatnot going on right now and figured I'd come in and see what they got.
Matt: 03:53
Perfect, man. Sounds great. So you did touch on safety a little bit before. What is it about the safety that really stands out?
Joe: 04:02
Well, like I said, I'm a journalist, so I appreciate good writing and good marketing terms and stuff like that. And Nissan's really killing it on that end. I saw on their website-- I think I was checking out the Rogue's website, and one of the first things you see is that big Nissan Safety Shield 360. It makes it sound like the car's from the future.
Matt: 04:23
Joe: 04:26
Is it going to shoot cars that come too close to you or something [laughter]? Get away. Put up the deflectives. Where we're going, we don't need roads [laughter].
Matt: 04:36
That's awesome. Okay. So safety's a big deal to you, and that's covered. You did say that you need a little bit of cargo room obviously for pleasure as well as professional life, so that's covered. And of course, you wanted to stay within a budget, so going bigger is probably not in the cards for you, but staying around here-- I think you said they quoted you around 25 to start. So that's going for you. So Nissan seems to have nailed everything right on the head with this one, huh?
Joe: 05:06
Yeah, for the most part. I mean, I like to look around at options and things like that. But I'm really liking this so far, like I was saying with the safety shield stuff. Having all these kind of technologies right off the bat, which I think they said they're standard on SUVs and above, so [inaudible] I was looking-- I think the model right here that we're looking at, I think that's an SUV, right?
Matt: 05:28
Joe: 05:29
Okay. So yeah. I mean, a bunch of standard safety features like automatic emergency braking. Sometimes you get on the road, you're a little tired, and especially after a long day working. So having some things like that to help out is definitely going to be an aide. Nobody wants to-- every little bit helps. It's not like this is a Tesla. We're not in the future quite yet. It's not going to drive itself. But it will help out. It'll help out. That's what I'm looking for.
Matt: 05:56
No, that's great. And another thing too that's pretty good about the Rogue is that when you compare it to other SUVs out there, whether it's on our own lot or-- I said, "Ours," like-- I'm not product specialist or a salesman or anything, but they allow me to hang out here, so I do kind of take pride in what Nissan delivers. But I was just saying when you compare the Rogue to some other SUVs out there, gas is really pretty good on these things.
Joe: 06:25
Yeah, yeah. I think they said-- I mean, I may be wrong here. But I think they said 26 to 33.
Matt: 06:30
26, 33. Yeah. And so I think everybody notices right now, around this time especially heading into summer, you expect prices on gas to go up, so that's really-- I guess, someone, especially in your field, having to travel as much as you would, that's really going to be something that works in your favor as well.
Joe: 06:53
Definitely. Especially now, with summer coming, and it's California. Summer fuel, it's not easy [inaudible]. So the more mileage, the better. For sure.
Matt: 07:02
Definitely. Have you already went on a test drive at all or--?
Joe: 07:05
Yeah. They took me out a couple of minutes back. Just around the lot. I didn't feel comfortable going too crazy here. They let you drive stuff, but there's always that feeling in the back of my head like, "Oh, no." You don't want to get a ding in it. You break it, you buy it. But that was cool. It felt good. And it reminded me too since I haven't been driving an SUV that-- how useful it is to have that higher field of view because-- especially as a tall guy like I am, when you get in some of those smaller cars like sedans and things like that, I just feel like I can't see anything. And then you get into an SUV or a truck, and it's like, "I can see everything. I have the power."
Matt: 07:54
Wow, okay. So here's something that I kind of suggest, man. Again, I'm not a product specialist. I actually am not a salesman or anything like that. But you let me know if you're willing. I'd like to actually go on a test drive with you. So we'll have one of the sales guys come out, bring us a car, the keys to the Rogue. And let's take this thing out, man. I know you said you tested it around the lot a little bit, but let's get out there. Let's really envision what it's going to be like to be in this car. I mean, I'll be honest with you, I just like to go on drives, bro.
Joe: 08:29
Yeah, yeah. I feel you there.
Matt: 08:31
Anytime I get the opportunity, I'm ready to test drive one of these new vehicles. If you're willing, man, then let me tag along. I think we could-- we'll have a good time. We'll figure out if this is the one for you. What do you think?
rogue trip
Joe: 08:42
All right. All right. I'm down with that.
Matt: 08:44
Awesome. Awesome. So we'll get started on that, man. So, listeners, we'll go ahead and keep you posted on how this decision went, how the test drive went. You know how I am, man. I'm going to test drive all of them at some point for sure. So go ahead, stay with us. If you have any questions, maybe you're looking into getting a Rogue yourself, or if you have any other questions about what else is here at the Nissan lot, feel free. Tag us on our social media. You'll find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. We're everywhere. Even YouTube. So make sure you check on us for that. We are listening, and we are ready to reply, obviously. Did you have anything else you wanted to add there?
Joe: 09:30
Let me just think. I think that's pretty much everything that I really liked about it. I mean, I guess the appearance and everything was pretty cool. I think they've got a couple other options. I think over there on that car-- I don't know if that's a Rogue, but that blue they got, it's like a cobalt blue almost. It's like, "Man, that is sexy."
Matt: 09:49
It does look kind of nice.
Joe: 09:50
If I can get that on this, we'll be good.
Matt: 09:52
Okay, all right. Well, here we go. We'll see. Let's test drive.
Joe: 09:54
Get some options here. Get some options here.
Matt: 09:56
We'll see if we can test drive that one then. Yeah, another thing that I like is the infotainment center. Obviously, the stereo systems are always pretty good in Nissans. I think we're going to have fun, man, so we'll go ahead, figure this out. We'll test drive a couple if we need to. And then--
Joe: 10:14
Yeah. We'll have to get those two [inaudible] then. Check out that audio for sure.
Matt: 10:20
One of them's coming home with you, man. I can feel it. So listeners, if you're out there, remember, your best summer ever starts in a Nissan. Save big on yours today at Metro Nissan of Redlands. Look for us around. You might be our next guest on a podcast, so forgive me if I come up to you randomly. I will great you with a smile, I promise. I'm harmless. And I might want to go on a test drive with you if you're willing. That's it for this month. We'll see you guys next month. And again, thank you for your time, sir. Let's go ahead and get on a test drive.
Joe: 10:51
All right. All right. Here we go.

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Women in (Car) Sales – National Women’s Month

<iframe src="https://anchor.fm/metro-nissan-of-redlands/embed/episodes/National-Womens-Month-e3pmv6" height="102px" width="400px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
Matt: 02:11 Welcome, listeners. I am here. It's Matt with Metro Nissan Redlands. I'm joined today with Chris from Think Creative. Chris, man, how you doing today?
Chris: 02:21 I'm doing good, Matt. And yourself?
Matt: 02:22 Man, I'm doing well. We're over here at Metro Nissan Redlands. We're celebrating Women's Appreciation Month. And we are here with two of the ladies of Metro Nissan Redlands, obviously. We've got Liz Meza--
Liz: 02:34 Yes.
Matt: 02:35 --in sales, and we also are joined by Molly Garcia, who's also in sales, correct?
Molly: 02:39 Yes.
Matt: 02:40 How are you ladies?
Liz: 02:41 I'm great, how are you?
Molly: 02:41 I'm good. I'm good.
Matt: 02:42 Good, good. I'm doing very well. Thank you for joining us. Obviously, you guys are very busy. But we were hoping just to get a word with some of you ladies in here, just to kind of talk about really just your journey in sales, especially car dealerships and things like that. I've actually had the opportunity to go to different dealerships around town. And honestly, I haven't seen too many women on the sales floor. Am I wrong by that? Is there a lot of women in this industry, or--?
Liz: 03:12 Personally, to me, I do feel that right now, women have always played a dominant role in the car business. Yeah.
Matt: 03:20 Nice. Okay. And how long have you been in the business?
Liz: 03:23 With this company? Well, Nissan, it's going to be five years in sales. Yes.
Matt: 03:25 Wow. Okay. In sales the whole time?
Liz: 03:28 In sales the whole time.
Matt: 03:29 Loving it.
Liz: 03:31 I love what I do.
Matt: 03:32 Perfect. How about you?
Molly: 03:33 For me, I've actually only been in sales for about, I think, six, seven months. I mean, even then, I would always go into car dealerships, and my experience with me-- when I would go with my family, we would always have a male salesman. So seeing a female was actually really refreshing when I came here. It seems like all the females here are actually the ones that you look up to, the ones that you want to be the role model. So for me, whenever I came here, Liz and Roxy-- she's no longer here. But those two were the main ones that was like, "Okay, there's particular things that I want to learn from them." There are things that I even take from them when I even go to my customers. So having female salesmen is actually a refreshing thing to the eye, and I think that's-- as a customer myself, when I had a female, it was actually really refreshing. I felt like I got to be able to open up a little bit more.
Liz: 04:23 That's very true.
Matt: 04:24 That makes sense. Did you have someone to look out for you when you started, as well, or--?
Liz: 04:28 Of course. Both of my internet directors were actually women. Eva and Lisa Salcedo. Yeah.
Matt: 04:35 Wow. Okay.
Chris: 04:37 That's great. That's great. So you said that seven months ago, you started in sales?
Molly: 04:42 Yeah.
Chris: 04:42 So where'd you start previously? Or was it just you went straight into sales?
Molly: 04:46 So I started here. This is actually my first job. I was a student athlete. I went to University of Alabama Birmingham for four years. And I played softball. So I never had a job before. So when I came here, I started off as a cashier and receptionist. And being a student athlete, you constantly climb up the ladder. And I'm not trying to knock down the cashier or the receptionist or anything, but for me, with having that competitive aspect or background, I always wanted to climb up the ladder. With them, there's no head cashier, there's no head receptionist. And with the sales, there's always a top sales. So I always wanted to climb up the ladder and get into that competitive mode again. So that's why I kind of transferred over to the sales department.
Chris: 05:23 Oh, that's awesome. Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot more competitiveness in the sales floor, right?
Molly: 05:26 Yeah. A lot.
Chris: 05:28 Right. So what do you think-- how do you think that works for--? I mean, you obviously touched on it. Being a customer yourself at one point, you did actually appreciate seeing other women that were going to sell you-- do you feel like maybe that's an advantage, or maybe even a disadvantage to you when it comes to selling?
Liz: 05:45 I think it's both, just from my personal experience. It's an advantage because if you have a husband and a wife, and you address the wife, and let's just say that the husband makes the decision, we always say, "Happy wife, happy life." So if I connect-- the first thing I do walking up to a couple, I make eye contact with the wife, and shake her hand, and acknowledge her children. And to us, that's all we need. "You're nice to me and my kids? Honey, you're going to buy what she's selling to us." You know? But I also think it's a disadvantage, maybe just a little bit more-- I do have more of advantages, is that when a male comes in, and he wants to know certain specs. And I've been doing this for a while. So I could tell you that it's either a 1.6 or a 1.8 or a four-cylinder, or what's miles per gallon. And so they trip out because they're like, "Wow." Yeah. I do know the extra stuff.
Matt: 06:38 Sounds like you're [crosstalk].
Chris: 06:39 Yeah, you know your stuff. Yeah.
Liz: 06:40 Yeah. I do, but because I love what I do. So when you love what you do, it's not like homework, you know? It's like, you want to learn more. You want to know more things. You want to know about the trucks. When I first started in the car businesses, coming from a law background - I worked at a law firm - it was like all these different lines. Nissan has so many lines of cars. Different models. And you're just like, wow, you have to memorize all of these. The S, the SV, the SR, the SL, the platinum.
Molly: 07:06 Platinum, yeah.
Liz: 07:06 And you learn them all. You learn every single one of them. Yeah.
Matt: 07:09 Wow. Geez. And every year there's something different to learn, huh?
Liz: 07:13 Yes. That is very, very true. Now we're doing the Nissan Intelligent Key. There's a lot of intelligent stuff, like the cruise control, the blind spot warnings, and stuff like that. So it's good.
Chris: 07:26 Are you guys seeing a lot of-- are there a lot of families that come in, man and wife? Or do you see a lot of women come in on their own?
Liz: 07:37 I see both.
Molly: 07:38 Yeah, I see both. But for me, I feel like-- I see both, but I se the majority-- when I do see a lot of women coming in, but they always say, "Oh, I need to discuss it with my husband." So they end up leaving and always coming back with their husband. But for me, I've always experienced women coming in, and then always coming back with their husband in a couple hours, or a couple days later. So, I mean--
Liz: 07:58 What I do see-- I've had the privilege of selling vehicles to selling women that are in top positions, like that run an emergency department at a big hospital, or that are at another law firm office, that are like-- they run the firm, you know? Yeah. So I do see that a lot.
Matt: 08:20 Shoutout to those women, man.
Chris: 08:22 Yeah. You get to meet a lot of interesting people on the job.
Liz: 08:24 Everything here.
Chris: 08:25 And then at the end of the day, it might not even seem like a job, right? I know you talked about how much you love coming to work, you know. That's good. That's good.
Matt: 08:32 Yeah. No, that must be a good feeling. I mean, the environment here at this particular dealership, it always seems pretty welcoming when we come, so I imagine it's like that all the time. When you first got here, though, did you think there was anything-- was it extra challenging because it was, at one point, more male-dominated? Or you think you came it, and there was just big diverse--
Liz: 08:56 At this particular dealership?
Matt: 08:56 At this one, yeah.
Liz: 08:58 Personally, for me, coming to this particular dealership, I've already had like four years under my belt, you know? So it was, treat everybody with kindness. Treat them the way you want to be treated. For me. I don't know how it was for her.
Molly: 09:13 I would say, for me, it definitely was kind of challenging because I was a newbie, so everyone was kind of trying to-- "Oh, she doesn't know anything, so I'm just going to take advantage of it." But again, learning from Liz and from Roxy, that's where I became-- that's kind of where the tiger came out. I really wanted to build on my own. I wanted to learn on my own. I wanted to learn from the best. And that's kind of where I did it, and that's where I grew. So now, I don't feel any of that. But in the beginning, I certainly did. But that's kind of where I just, again, learned from my role models.
Matt: 09:44 Right. And you've also mentioned to me off-camera before how you've had other women that actually climbed the ladder, and now are kind of in higher positions, or whatnot. So is that something that is pretty much open to anyone? It's just all based on performance, obviously. So it's just pretty equal, huh?
Molly: 10:04 Yes.
Matt: 10:04 That's good. That's good stuff.
Chris: 10:06 That's good. So today, we took a look at the 2019 Altima and the 2019 Sentra. Got a chance to drive both of them. Took them around, you know. We shot some video for them. I just want to know, what are your guys' favorite features about those two cars? Or--
Molly: 10:23 I would say my favorite feature is definitely the Ford emergency breaking. I mean, that's always been the thing that I always mention the very first thing when I demo a car, is Ford emergency braking. There's a sensor. It comes on all of our vehicles. It's if your vehicle ever senses it's coming too fast upon the vehicle ahead of itself, it will apply the brakes for you. So I actually really do enjoy that because I do get a lot of older couples that really gravitate toward that. "Oh, really? Oh, I feel like that would really benefit me." So for me, I love talking about that. That's just always my favorite thing. And then the blindspots.
Matt: 10:56 Listen, man, I'm not that old, but that excites me. That's something I could use.
Liz: 11:01 My favorite feature on the '19 Altima is that it's a little plug away for the Android and Apple car play. Whatever you have on your phone, it automatically pops up on the screen, whether you're looking for music, whether you're looking for your navigation, your text messages, your telephone calls. You could be driving and have a whole conversation with someone. You could be driving and text someone a paragraph and never touch your phone. And you're never going to get lost. Yeah. So I really like that about that car.
Chris: 11:30 That's awesome. Okay, I got another question for you guys. What's your guys' favorite Nissan on the lot? Favorite Nissan.
Molly: 11:39 Well, for me, I'm always stuck in between the two. It's just depending on what kind of mood I'm feeling for the day, I guess. Because I love both the SUVs and sedans. But I would say my favorite sedan would definitely be the Altima, and then my favorite SUV would be the Rogue Sport.
Liz: 11:53 And mine would definitely be the Altima. I drive one now, the SR. And the Pathfinder as a SUV because I've owned a Pathfinder before.
Matt: 12:03 Man, you know, both of those are pretty impressive. Like you said, we were doing the Altima today. Man, it looked so much different.
Chris: 12:10 Yeah. I love the 2019 model. It looks so sleek, and it doesn't look like a Nissan, you know?
Molly: 12:17 It doesn't.
Chris: 12:17 I don't know. It looks more luxury car, I guess you could say.
Molly: 12:20 It does, yeah.
Matt: 12:21 Yeah. They didn't give me a chance to drive because, like I said, I need to Ford brakes.
Liz: 12:26 Ford emergency braking.
Matt: 12:28 So yeah, yeah, yeah. So they didn't let me drive it. But I was in the backseat, and it drove smooth. It was fine.
Molly: 12:33 It was really smooth, yeah.
Liz: 12:33 There's a lot of space. There's a lot of room.
Matt: 12:34 There is a lot of space back there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Next time, let me drive. [crosstalk].
Chris: 12:40 [crosstalk]. Okay. So let's talk about other women that maybe want to come into sales, or anything like that. Do you encourage that, or are you just like, "Try something else"?
Molly: 12:52 I encourage it. Because I never thought this was going to be for me. I mean, I came from a background of softball, and then I graduated with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. And I always had a dream of mine being a detective, and also even probably even being a paralegal, as Liz was in the past. I mean, I've always-- that was my set dream. I had a full ride scholarship, and I was like, "Oh, that's exactly what I'm going for." And here I am now, successful, five months in, actually out of training, being in sales, and I'm very successful. I'm hitting my quota every month. And I never thought in the back of my mind, "Oh, this is not for me." But it turned out that I love interacting with customers every day. Even though you do the same thing every day, every day is a little bit different. So when people are like, "Oh, how is sales? Should I do it? Should I go for it?" Yes. Because the first person that I asked-- believe it or not, the first person I asked when someone said, "You should do sales," I automatically asked Liz. And I said, "What do you think I should do?" "Go for it. Yes. Do it. You would definitely do great. You have the personality. You have the look. You attract people. You would definitely do great in sales. You can make people smile. You can make people laugh. You can make good rapport with customers." So that's kind of what made me want to do it. And if other girls did it too, they would realize that they would be very successful.
Matt: 14:09 Liz, what do you think it takes? Because you've been in the industry for a while now. What do you think it takes for anyone, really?
Liz: 14:14 A great smile, and a great attitude. And anyone can do it. I'm a mother of four. Four kids.
Matt: 14:20 Shoutout to you. Shoutout to you. That's right.
Liz: 14:21 Two boys and two girls. And my kids are all in sports. And I have like the biggest support group here at work, and at home. And yeah, it comes natural. It's really nice. Especially working for Metro Nissan of Redlands. They're like a big family, so it makes your job easy.
Molly: 14:40 It really is. It's all about not-- when you see a customer in face, you have to just be a person. Don't try to be a salesman. Don't try to sell them a car. Just build a rapport. If they like you, and you end up loving them, and they end up loving you, that's what sells the car. It's not about selling the feature function of benefits. It's not all about that. If you just show them that you really do care, and you mean it, then that's what will make the sale.
Liz: 15:08 I agree.

Woman in (car) sales of Metro Nissan Redlands Woman in (car) sales of Metro Nissan Redlands

Matt: 15:09 You got anything else, Chris?
Chris: 15:11 No, I think that's about it.
Matt: 15:17 You know, one thing I do want to say is that it is definitely a family environment when you come to Metro Nissan Redlands. They actually treat me like a little brother here. They always clown on me. They always talk about, "Shirt's too big, bro!" Or something like that. "Hat don't match today!" Something like that. So I do appreciate it. It's cool to get teased. No, but everybody here is very friendly, man. So, listeners out there, if you're looking to maybe purchase a car, or just find any information on a car, even, maybe not ready to buy just yet, but definitely want to start looking around, I definitely feel like Metro Nissan Redlands is the place. People here are just genuine. Male and female, doesn't matter. Anyone's here willing to help. And I honestly feel like-- just because I've actually had to wait around a little bit, so I've got to see how you guys interact with customers that come in. And not everyone that comes in is a sale, you know? And I think you guys do a great job of just-- when you come in, everyone is a friend at the very least, you know? So I appreciate you guys for doing that. I appreciate your time, how you deal with us. If you've got nothing else, man, I think we got some good info.
Chris: 16:31 I just want to say it's International Women's Day today, so we appreciate you. I just want to say, I appreciate you guys for doing what you.
Liz: 16:37 Thank you.
Molly: 16:38 Thank you.
Chris: 16:38 I know it's not easy. I know it's not easy. You guys are making moves all the time, all day. Super busy. And you guys took the time to give us some time so we could talk to you today. And I really appreciate that. And shoutout to all the women because it's Women's-- what is--
Matt: 16:55 Women's History Month.
Chris: 16:55 Women's History Month. That's what it is. Women's History Month. How'd I forget that?
Matt: 17:00 Yeah. We appreciate any time. You got any questions for us?
Molly: 17:05 No.
Liz: 17:05 No. But if our viewers have any questions, they can call us.
Matt: 17:08 Definitely. So who are we looking for? If you got any questions, make sure you come to see...
Liz: 17:12 Liz.
Molly: 17:13 And Molly.
Matt: 17:14 And Molly. Shoutout mom, grandma. Happy Women's--
Chris: 17:19 International Women's Day.
Matt: 17:20 International Women's Day, and Women's History Month. We'll be talking to you guys more. Maybe you guys can let me test drive an Altima?
Liz: 17:27 I'll take you [crosstalk].
Matt: 17:28 Let's get it. [crosstalk]. I appreciate your time. Thank you so much.
Liz: 17:32 Thank you. Thank you.
Molly: 17:33 Bye. Thank you. Thank you.

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Podcast: Metro Nissan Redlands Sales and Leasing Consultant

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Matt: Welcome back, listeners. It's your hosts. I am Matt with TC Productions, and I am here at Metro Nissan of Redlands. I got a very special guest for us today, a man full of knowledge. I know that's what we need on this podcast so I'm anxious to get started and ask this guy some questions. Let me introduce you guys to a friend of mine, Rudy Estrada. Rudy, how's it going, man?
Rudy: How's it going, everybody? Doing good. Doing good.
Matt: Doing well. So, hey, I know a little bit about you, man, but obviously, our listeners might not. So why don't you go ahead and just tell us about what it is that you do?
Rudy: Okay. I'm a sales and leasing consultant here at Metro Redlands. And been doing it for about 10 years now. So any kind of sales or leasing questions you guys have, I'm here to help out.
Matt: And that's exactly why we got you as a guest today, bro. So really, what I want to get into is obviously, 2019 is here and we've seen some beautiful vehicles coming up. The lineup has changed just a little bit, man. We've got the new Sentras out. But one of the cars that I've actually seen while I'm roaming through the lot is the Altima.
Rudy: Man, the Altima and the Sentra, those are two bread and butter basically for the Nissan lineup. But, I mean, if you ever get a chance to-- when you're here, stop by, take a look at that Nissan Sentra Turbo. Boy. Boy. Nissan's come a long way. I mean, the technology in these cars, it's bar none. You got to check out the technology. I mean, like they say in the commercial, the most technology you're going to have at home is in your driveway.
Matt:I like that, man. Okay. So let's go ahead and talk about it then. So you got the 2019 Nissan Altima. Obviously, that has changed from last year's model just a little bit. And then you also have the '19 Nissan Sentras. Both these vehicles, honestly, they look good. They feel great when you're behind the wheel. But if I'm a shopper, let's say, and I'm torn between the two, how do you help me decide which one is for me?
Rudy: Well, that's a good question, I mean, and it's actually pretty simple. It's depending on the size of your family, depending on the needs that you have. Obviously, the Altima is just a slightly bigger vehicle than the Sentra. So depending on what type of consumer you are, if you're the single family or the single guy, depending on what direction I'm going to kind of lean towards you, you know what I mean?
Matt:Got you.
Rudy: The good thing about both vehicles, though, is that you can't go wrong when it comes-- again, I'm not going to stress the technology enough. The safety features on it is just out of this world, you know what I mean? So you're not going to go wrong when it comes to the safety or the technology on either/or. I think depending on size of your family or what you're going to be using the vehicle for, I think that's kind of-- depends on which way- if you're going to lean towards a Sentra or more towards the Altima.
Matt:Yeah. I mean, so you've already mentioned quite a bit already about the technology that each of these car are equipped with. Excuse me. Can you kind of tell us what stands out as far as the technology?
Rudy: Oh, man. Like I said, the technology has come so far from the original Sentra that pretty much had no-- other than just a radio in it, you know what I mean?
Matt:Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Rudy: You're kind of a young guy. You might not even remember that but--
Matt: Oh, man. I remember. Yeah. A '91 SER.
Rudy: Oh. Wow. Okay. So you know how it is. Back then, I mean, the only kind of technology you had was make sure you AC worked and make sure your CD player didn't skip, you know what I mean? But nowadays, it's beyond that. You're talking about 360 view camera, you know what I mean? You're talking about blindside monitoring. You're talking about reverse camera. You're talking about just all the safety features that it comes with now. You're talking about front-end collisions sensors. So, I mean--
Matt: Yeah. And both of these are coming with both vehicles, right?
Rudy: Yes. Yes. Yeah. So, I mean, like I said, you can't go wrong when it comes to either the Sentra or the Altima. I think it just depends on the size. The funny thing is a lot of people have said, "I can't buy the Altima because it might not fit in my carport or it might not fit in my garage," you know what I mean? So that's why I say depending on those things. But as far as the features, you're going to get the same features almost on a Sentra and an Altima, you know what I mean? So that's why I say you can't go wrong with technology. You can't go wrong with the features, just depending on the size, what you need, what you're going to use it for. Some people have put snowboards in the back of their Altimas. So like I said, I mean, depending on what you're going to be using it for would be kind of the way I kind of guide you on your path, whichever way is going to help you once you leave the dealership, obviously, you know what I mean?
Matt: That makes sense. So I've done some reading. I've read a bunch of articles about the Altima being pretty much at the top of the list when it comes to mid-sized vehicles.
Rudy: Absolutely. I mean, you can just look at all the JD Power Awards that it's received.
Matt: Yeah. So, I mean, you agree then that it should be at the top.
Rudy: Absolutely. I mean, I drive one. My family drives one. My friends drive one. I mean, I have no reservations putting my mom into a Nissan, you know what I mean?
Nice. Yeah. Yeah.
Rudy: So like I said, if I could sit here and tell you that my mom drives a Nissan, then obviously, I would put anybody in a Nissan.
Matt: Obviously. Yeah. Yeah. So appreciate that, man. That's some honest stuff. And that's probably one of the questions that we should be asking dealers when we're out there. Would you put your mom in it? I think that's a really good way to put it.
Rudy: That's how I've always felt about working here. If I could put my mom in a car, I could put a customer in a car, you know what I mean?
Matt: So we've got--
Rudy: Safety-wise.
Matt: We got your feedback. We talked about some different awards that they've received, articles that I've read. So now, let's talk about just the general public. How has the reception been on the both vehicles?
Rudy: Oh. The public opinion is even better than anything I could have asked for, you know what I mean? It's easy because all they do is look at a pretty car, right? I mean, it's a beautiful car. So you already won right there. Then you top on all the sprinkle, like I said, with the safety and technology. I mean, it's almost like a grand slam every time, you know what I mean? The easiest thing is the eye test, right? So if the customer looks at it and is like, "Wow. That's beautiful." "Oh, by the way, it's safe. Oh, by the way, the technology. Oh, by the way--" I mean, it just makes it a wonderful vehicle. I mean, like I said, honestly, you can't go wrong. Sentra, Altima, just whatever's going to fit you best at home but, I mean, you're going to win regardless. Like I said, when it comes to the safety, when it comes to the technology, it's a win-win. And obviously, a gorgeous-looking car so.
Matt: Yeah. All right. Let's touch on the Sentra just a little bit. Now, earlier, you mentioned the Turbo. That's obviously one that appeals to people my age.
Rudy: Right. More of the younger audience, I would say. But, I mean, it's definitely affordable vehicle. So, I mean, it's not just for one type of person, I believe.
Matt: Now, correct me if I'm wrong but you have the Turbo and then you have the Nismo model, right?
Rudy: Correct.
Matt: Okay. So they are different. How about when it comes to some of the lower level trims that there are like the S, SV, SR, and SL.
Rudy: Oh. Those are phenomenal vehicles. I mean, yeah, obviously, the Turbo's more for your racing enthusiast, right? But don't get it mistaken that an S or an SV is not going to have power. Trust me. It's got plenty of power. It's got plenty of horsepower. It's got plenty of get up and go, you know what I mean? Again, sprinkle on the safety. Again, sprinkle on the technology. I mean, it's going to sound funny but you almost don't even feel like you're driving a Nissan. You almost feel like you're driving a high-line luxury vehicle.
Matt: Yeah, man. I was actually looking at the SL earlier. And I was looking at the inside, and I was like, "You know what?" Just even the little details--
Rudy: Oh. Absolutely. Yeah.
Matt: --in the interior, it's all there. The stitching.
Rudy: The stitching. Yep.
Matt: Yeah. Exactly.
Rudy: Exactly. The stitching is there.
Matt: The two-tones. It's a beautiful car, man. I mean, are you going to be able to give me a test drive?
Rudy: Absolutely.
Matt: That's what I'm talking about, man.
Rudy: Absolutely. And here's the funny thing is don't get mad at me if you leave home in a car because test drives usually end up being a lot more with these cars, you know what I mean? Before, it used to just be that new car smell but boy, literally, when you sit in these cars, you're going to act like a little kid because you're going to be touching every little thing almost to the point where you don't want to get out of the car. So, I mean, if you're ready to take this bad boy out to test drive, you're almost ready to take it home. I'm just warning you. Just warning you.
Matt: Nobody's ever told me that before. Now I'm going to start thinking that.
Rudy: I'm warning you. I want to be friends after that. I don't want you to be like, "Man. I can't believe you got me on a podcast and now I'm taking home--"
Matt: I know.
Rudy: --"this Sentra SL."
Matt: How crazy would it be? Well, we'll figure out, man. I mean, I'm not saying no. We'll see what happens. I do also want to test drive the Altima, though, because we talked about the Sentra a little bit--
Rudy: Oh. Absolutely. Absolutely.
Matt: --and then [crosstalk] the Altima. Now, I don't believe they have a Turbo version but they do have a platinum version, right?
Rudy: Right. Yeah.
Matt: Okay. Okay. So that one's like their top of the top.
Rudy: Yes, sir.
Matt: Okay. Now, obviously, the trim level-- and listeners, if you're out there, you don't have to just come to Metro Nissan Redlands. If you have a phone by you at all, do yourself a favor and just pull up, do a Google search, ask Siri. Whatever it is that it takes, man, just look up the 2019 Nissan Altima. Have a look for yourself. The style has changed.
Rudy: Oh, my goodness.
Matt: Yeah. It looks so nice, man.
Rudy: Like I said, I mean, not only does it drive and feel like a luxury car, but if I took the emblems off, you would think that Altima was probably I would say a Lexus. It could be a-- it could be a Infinity. I mean, if I took the emblems off and you just did an eye test, I guarantee you would think that's like a Infinity, a Lexus, a Mercedes. You wouldn't know what brand it is.
Matt: Wow, man. That's crazy. Okay. So let's talk about real quick just the difference in horsepower between these two. Now, you did mention the Turbo, obviously-- I'm not going to talk too much about the Sentra Turbo only because although that is something that appeals to my age bracket, that's really not what sells the most, right? So let's talk about just one of the-- let's just talk about maybe an entry-level one. I know the Sentra has about 124 horsepower, but the Altima, though, do you know how much that one has? Is it double? Am I right?
Rudy: I believe it's double. Yes.
Matt: Yeah. It's double, man. That is crazy. So, obviously, if you want to feel a little bit more of that power, you might be leaning towards the Altima. What else I really enjoyed when I was looking at it was that middle infotainment center. That's a beautiful screen, man.
Rudy: Oh. You're never going to get out of the car.
Matt: That's what I feel like.
Rudy: You're never going to get out of the car.
Matt: That's what I'm starting to feel like.
Rudy: I mean, like I said, it's not just a test drive. It's an experience, you know what I mean? You turn into a little kid. You start touching all these buttons. Like I said, I mean, you've never seen an instrument cluster like this. You've never seen the technology like this. So if you haven't seen one, I mean, you've got-- like you said, do yourself a favor. Check it out online, but it's not going to-- it's not going to-- you're going to do yourself a disservice by doing it online. You definitely need o come into the dealership and take a look at it. Again, no pressure. Just come in. Take a look at it. Drive it. And then you'll be on your way.
Matt: Yeah. And what else is really cool about Metro Nissan Redlands, if you go onto their website, ladies and gentleman, you will actually be able to chat somebody that works here from the internet department if you have any questions at all. They're not online trying to sell you. They're just trying to answer the questions that you have.
Rudy: Free information, folks. Free information.
Matt: Yeah. Exactly. And what you can do then, if you get the answers that you like, then you might want to just go ahead and schedule some time to get over and do a test drive. Do you have anything else that you want to say to us, sir, about, I don't know, making our decision or just coming to see you, anything?
Rudy: Just a little bit of advice for any future shoppers. Just be honest. Just come in, you know what I mean? We love that.
Matt: Honesty.
Rudy: Just as much honesty you expect from us, we expect from you guys, and it'll make the car-buying experience so much more pleasant for everybody.
Matt: That's perfect. Well said. So with that, ladies and gentleman, I'm sure you heard me get excited over these two cars before. I'm even more anxious now. I might go home in a brand new vehicle. I'm going to let you guys know, though. You'll find me on social media, I'm sure. And I'm going to go ahead and take both of these cars out for a spin. So with that, we'll see you next month. I'll let you know how the drive went. And remember, if you need anything, anything at all, check them out online. It's Metro Nissan Redlands. And we'll talk to you next month.

Thanks a lot for doing this, man. I appreciate it.

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Podcast: Preowned vs. Certified Preowned

Matt 00:02
What's going on everybody? Welcome back. It's 2019. Happy New Year to everybody. It's the Metro Nissan Redlands Podcast. I'm your host this month. It's going to be Matt with TC, and I'm again, with my guy Ivan. You might remember him from-- we did an episode, what? A couple of months ago?
Ivan 00:19
Yeah, we did. On the Black Friday specials.
Matt 00:21
Black Friday. That was it. How was Black Friday, by the way?
Ivan 00:24
Oh, it was amazing. Everybody that listened, thank you for listening, thanks for coming down and seeing me. I was able to put a lot of families, a lot of people, into brand new cars that they love, with nice monthly, affordable payments. So thank you for that. I want to invite you guys down. It is 2019, the start of a brand new year. So if you didn't come Black Friday, come on down now. We'll be able to help you out.
Matt 00:45
You know Ivan did pretty well, because he's still here [laughter]. He's still doing his thing. Still trying to get everybody to come through, man. I'm glad Black Friday went well. Holidays went well, too?
Ivan 00:58
Yeah. Holidays went well. I hope everybody listening had a great time with their families. That's the most important part. You're spending time with your family, having a good time, sharing the love out there, just as we do here. I mention Nissan of Redlands. We're a family-owned business, so we would like to spread the love everywhere and just treat people with respect.
Matt 01:17
Absolutely, man. I'm with that. Let's talk today about just some pre-owned versus certified pre owned. So I've actually seen some of the blogs we've been putting up, there's been questions about, "What's the difference, and what do I get with one, as opposed to the other?" Is there actually a difference between certified pre-owned vehicles, and just a pre-owned vehicle?
Ivan 01:42
Yeah, Matt. Definitely. There's a big difference between just standard pre owned and certified pre-owned. So here at our dealership, most of the cars on the used lot are certified pre owned. What the difference is, basically, on the certified, we do have master technicians here at our dealership that do a 167-point inspection on all the vehicles. So that includes everything; tires, water, oil, interior, electronics-- everything on the car to make sure it's going to last you a long time and there's no bugs in the car before you leave off [inaudible] it. So there is a big difference. You go to another dealership, they don't do the same point inspection. They just make sure that the car runs and drives good, without making any funny noises, and that's pretty much it. I've been in the-- I have friends that are also salesmen, and they tell me that they've taken a used car that might have some type of issue, but put a thicker oil in there and call it a day. We don't do that. We do things right here. So that would be the difference between a standard certified pre owned and a regular pre owned.
Matt 02:46
Yeah, man. I've talked to a lot of certified technicians out there, and I actually felt like I might have disrespected one by calling him a mechanic. So what they did, was they told me, "Hey, we go to school for this. We're not just like one of your buddies down the street that are going to add something to your car." Like you said, maybe take a shortcut. It might be a temporary fix for what could be a permanent problem. So what's important about these techs that are at the dealership, is that they do go to school. They are specifically trained on this type of vehicle, all Nissans. So again, if you just want to make your car last for the long haul, man, why trust it with anybody else? Go to a Nissan dealer. That's what I say, man. So thanks for touching on that, bro. So what should a customer, you think-- what should they be looking for, before buying a pre-owned vehicle?
Ivan 03:47
Well, I would honestly say, it's not really too much of a-- obviously you have to look out for the obvious things like any dings, dents, scratches on the car, what condition the tires are in, when you start the car, if the motor sounds good. But I would say, just get a feel for the car. So take it on the test drive, see how it feels. You can feel when a car has been abused if it feels jerky or if it's not making the right kind of noises or if it's making funny noises. All the cars here, that's not the case. Like I said, we do do a 167-point inspection. So we make sure everything is fine, from the all the fluids, to the interior, to mechanicals, to electrical. So you're basically going home in a vehicle that's going to last you a really long time. So like I said, I wouldn't really worry too much about the cosmetics, because you won't be able to tell the history of a car just by looking at it. I would say, just get a feel for it, and always ask for the CARFAX. We're an honest dealership. So if you just ask for the CARFAX, we can show you how many owners it's had, if it's been in an accident. But that's not the case-- all of our cars on the dealership, they're clean titles, no accidents. We make sure, before we even take in a trade, that it's sellable on the lot, so.
Matt 05:10
Right. Again, so what'd you say? 167-point--?
Ivan 05:15
Yeah. You heard me right, Matt. 167-point inspection. So the mechanics take their time. I've seen a mechanic inspect a car for up to six hours, just to make sure that it's running top shape, so.
Matt 05:29
[crosstalk]. Oh, you got trust, then.
Ivan 05:32
Yeah, yeah.
Matt 05:32
You [can?] definitely trust this.
Ivan 05:32
We definitely don't just hire anybody, back there. So you know you're getting taken care of, in that aspect.
Matt 05:39
Perfect, man. Thanks. Where are they going to be?
S3 05:42
They're over here, parked in the front. Are you guys going to be turning them on now, for when you guys [crosstalk]?
Matt 05:47
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
S3 05:50
Okay, because I have to get you guys a clicker, because we have an alarm on it.
Matt 05:53
Oh, please do.
S3 05:53
Let me go try to find one for you guys.
Matt 05:55
All right, thanks. Yeah, man, we got our film team out here today. So we're going to take a closer look at some of these 2019s that you guys have now. Man, they're looking so good. They're looking so good, man. Have you seen that 2019 Altima?
Ivan 06:10
Yeah. The 2019 Altima. A lot of responses that we've gotten from our customers is that it looks like a Maxima, and honestly, it kind of does. It's a very luxurious car, for an Altima. It's a whole new body style, whole new headlights, whole new taillights, whole new grooves on the body of the car, whole new interior redesign. So everything is different on the car. I do encourage everybody to come, at least take a look. It's beautiful car. It's a beautiful car. I'm very confident that everybody that takes a look at it is going to fall in love with the vehicle. Just come on down and take a look. Don't worry about anything else. We'll make it work for you.
Matt 06:49
For sure. Yeah. So I'm going to try to test drive that, while I'm here [laughter]. I'm looking at the-- we're going to be filming for this Titan. The 2019 Titan's out there. Again, those big-body trucks, man, I kind of like those, too. I'm a short guy, so sometimes I like to at least drive like I'm sitting higher than everyone else. So that looks good, too, man. Have you heard any good things about that?
Ivan 07:14
Yeah, definitely. A lot of truck enthusiasts are really excited about the new Titans. Big truck, like you said, everybody likes to feel nice and safe in a truck like that. And not only the esthetics of the car, but like I mentioned on the last podcast, the suspension. Everything is redesigned and everything is focused for off road. So you're not getting just the regular, stock suspension on those higher-end Titans, you're getting something that was really looked into for a lot of months. It was developed for a lot of months, at the factory, just focusing on overall comfort and durability. So if you take it off-roading, or any kind of terrain that's really rough, the Titan's going to be able to take it, no problem.
Matt 07:57
Right, right. Real quick, man, before we start closing up, I wanted to make sure-- I got to ask. Again, going back to these pre-owned vehicles, so I know they go through this huge inspection, and we should be trusting everything, but just so we could feel better, is there a way where we can maybe get a extra warranty, or is there a way to purchase them maybe, when getting the car, so you can feel good about this?
Ivan 08:24
Of course, of course. We know everybody likes to protect their investment, and we have the right options for you. So we can actually add on some warranties, besides the regular, standard 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, engine and transmission. We can actually add some more bumper-to-bumper warranties, service warranties, anything like that. Anything kind of warranty that you're looking for, we can customize one for you, and add it to your monthly payment. What's $10 a month, for having that peace of mind? So that's definitely a steal. I definitely encourage anyone who might have a little bit unsettling effect on purchasing a pre-owned vehicle to go ahead and just add on the extra warranty. It's not going to hurt you for price of a Starbucks a month, so.
S? 09:15
Matt 09:16
Oh, yeah. Podcast. What's going on [laughter]?
S? 09:20
Matt 09:21
S? 09:21
I'm sorry, fellows.
Matt 09:22
No, no worries. I mean, so that's what we do, man. We do these live. Again [laughter], we do them live, man, so excuse the interruptions. But as you heard from Ivan, there are warranties that you can get to protect your investment. Excellent. He threw in a price there. You heard $10. I was expecting a little more. I didn't know. But again, I'm really thinking about these myself. So if you're like me and you're interested, go online. Metro Nissan Redlands online, man. Visit their website. Take a look at what they got in stock, right now. And then when you find that something, that one vehicle that catches your eye and you can see yourself rolling, picturing yourself going down the freeway with that, driving it from work, parking it in your driveway, slamming the door shut and going home, man, come see my guy. Who should they see? They should see Ivan.
Ivan 10:17
Me, of course.
Matt 10:18
That's the guy that's going to take care of you. I'm telling you. I've seen him at work, man. He's on top of his stuff. So all you listeners out there, again, happy 2019. Let's start the year off right. Let's start the year off with a new purchase, man. Let's get a new car [laughter]. We'll see you guys later. Thanks for tuning in. Ivan, thanks, man.
Ivan 10:38
Yeah. No problem.

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Podcast Episode 3: What’s Coming to Nissan in 2019

Amy 00:01
Hi, this is Amy Riley. I'm here with David Reynolds of Metro Nissan of Redlands. How are you today, David?
David 00:07
I am doing excellent on this lovely Friday afternoon going into the weekend. We love Fridays.
Amy 00:14
Fridays are fantastic. I agree. So we're coming around now, we've been doing this podcast for a little while now. And so I think it's time we start talking about some of what's coming up in the future here for Nissan, for Metro Nissan Redlands. So what are you looking forward to when you start thinking about the future, about 2019?
David 00:36
Well, 2019 is definitely going to be an interesting part of Nissan's history. We've got a couple things that are some really big news coming up. Probably in the next couple of months we're getting the release of the 2019 Altima. It's another generation of the Altima. This is a car that's been around for two decades now and every time every five, six, seven years whenever they decide to change the body style, the model, it gets really exciting for us. The car looks entirely different than the previous year's, so this is-- and I've actually been able to see the car, probably about a year, a year and a half ago when they first redesigned it and saw it before it was released into the market. And I've got to tell you, this is probably one of the best cars that we have ever put out in existence in all the years of Nissan. So very exciting.
Amy 01:32
Wow, that's high praise [laughter]. Indeed.
David 01:35
And it's our flagship model, the Altima. It's where a lot of-- the last two decades, it's where it's all started with the redesign of the Altima years and years ago. So a lot of our recent success in the last decade has all been around that car. And any time that you-- from a manufacturer and franchise standpoint, when you go out and you redesign it and deliver it to the retailers, this is when it gets really fun for the consumers and the dealership.
Amy 02:00
Yeah, definitely. So in addition to-- you said it looks different--
David 02:04
Amy 02:05
--to the exterior design. What else can we expect from the new Altima?
David 02:09
There's going to be some new features in the vehicle. Some of the stuff you can actually go into Nissan USA and actually see the vehicle as it sits. They have some 3D-type applications that you can walk through and actually check out the vehicle. Our ProPILOT technology that Nissan revealed this year, that is an option on the vehicle as well. More and more companies are going towards driverless-type technology and there's a lot of that technology available in that product line this year. So that's really, really exciting. The other thing I forgot to mention is we just released the Nissan Kicks last month. So this is all the next generation of Nissan product and technology. And when we go to these conventions that national puts on, we get to see a lot of new technology coming out. And now, we remember four, five, six years ago when we first started hearing about it and now it's coming to fruition and that's exciting for us to see.
Amy 03:14
Kind of finally bring it to the consumer.
David 03:16
Amy 03:17
Yeah. That's very exciting. What's the main selling point, or what's the best thing about the Kicks?
David 03:25
The best thing about the Kicks is it's a new segment obviously for us. It's a segment that Nissan has kind of been focusing on for the last, I don't know, five or six years. And we are in an SUV-type environment where that segment is growing very, very fast. It's very popular among the millennial generation. And to come out and release a vehicle that has a base starting price of around $18,000 for an entry-level Kicks is very, very attractive because it's a very, very good car. It's like a sub-compact SUV that you can offer to the consumer at a very reasonable price and that comes with a lot of standard options.
Amy 04:17
Sounds incredible. So how about for Metro Nissan Redlands, specifically for this store, what's coming up?
David 04:24
Well, here at the store, we're still working on growing the sales department and service department due to some of our recent success with new-car sales volume. We're starting to see a very big increase in our new-car sales, so we're having to staff up. And we're looking for good-quality people that are looking forward to jump in this industry. The car business is a very, very good industry to be in. It's always dynamic. It's changing, growing. It's exciting times right now at Metro Nissan Redlands. Any time that you're growing, that's a good thing. And we're starting to see that really yield in the new-car volume at the dealership. So some really fun times here. We're just kind of planning the future and looking at 2019 and 2020, and these years go by-- these months and years all really blended together. They go by so fast. And it's really fun to see the staff getting to know each other. We're seeing the staff work really, really hard together. Our consumers are starting to get more and more happy with the way they're treated in the dealership. Obviously, happy employees is happy consumers. So we're starting to see the benefit of that. More and more customers are coming to the dealership and that's fun. And we're starting to get new customers from outside of the Redlands area, which that's always fun to see too, from our nearby communities. And also up in the High Desert, that's been an area we focused on for probably the last six months. And now we're starting to see some new-car volume come from up, up, up in the desert. So it's really fun.
Amy 06:02
Yeah, that's incredible. I mean, that definitely means your reputation is growing, and spreading [laughter], and--
David 06:08
Yeah. They always say, "You see it in the numbers." And I think that can't be more true than that. So it's fun to see and it's fun to start seeing some of the hard work with the staff start to reflect in the actual new-car sales numbers.
Amy 06:23
So when you look for staff, what makes somebody an ideal employee or worker for Metro Nissan Redlands?
David 06:31
Yeah, that's a good question. I'm still trying to figure that one out myself--
Amy 06:35
Okay [laughter]. Fair enough.,,,
David 06:35
--because we've had a lot of success with all different walks of life, and backgrounds, and jobs. And some of these people coming into this industry never worked at any job. They come straight out of a high school, and then we train them and put them through the system. But there is no-- I don't know. It's a tough question when you talk about ideal candidates. We get a lot of job applications every month and we go through them, and we try to find what makes them tick. And the biggest thing for us is we look for good values. If the person has good values, more likely they'll fit into our organization and the culture that we have here. We spend a lot of time training. We kind of like some of the employees that have not been in the car business before, that don't really realize how the car business works, because we can kind of mold them to our culture. And as long as they have some good values, we're willing to put in the work and train them and try to get them to a successful point in their career.
Amy 07:40
Sounds fantastic. Sounds like a great place to work if anybody out there is [laughter] interested.
David 07:42
Yes, very good place to work, yes.
Amy 07:47
Okay. So I know you mentioned the Kicks and the Altima redesign. Is there any other new line of cars coming or anything else we should be looking out for?
David 07:56
Yeah. We have some new stuff coming up in the-- nothing dramatically in 2019 as far as the new product line. There'll be some changes, some exterior and interior changes in some of the model lines, some refreshing done in some of the different vehicles. We do have some exciting news coming down the pipeline in a couple of years with the Frontier segment that we've been waiting for for quite a long time. That's exciting but unfortunately it's not going to be for 2019. But we'll obviously wait for that.
Amy 08:28
Something to look forward to?
David 08:30
Something to definitely look forward to. Nissan is working on redesigning pretty much all their model lines, so in the next couple years from every single model line we're going to have some type of the new redesign and the Altima was the first, really the first car to roll out on that vehicle. We're going to have a new body style for the Sentra, we're going to have a new body style for the Versa, the Maxima, Pathfinder, Frontier. So a lot of stuff coming out in the next few years with Nissan, so it's all great news.
Amy 09:02
And yeah, and you also mentioned the ProPILOT Assist technology. Can you talk a little bit more about that, about what benefit it offers if somebody was thinking about getting that option?
David 09:12
Sure, absolutely. ProPILOT is Nissan version of a more of an autonomous-type vehicle. It's their entryway and their segue into this technology that you're virtually seeing in a lot of manufacturers now. Some of the higher-line manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, Teslas, you read about these driverless vehicles and this is what the technology is. It's not exactly a driverless car but it does have a lot of the technology features that these vehicles do come equipped with, the self-braking, the lane-- keeps you within the lanes and the car does a very, very good job of being more safer. Nissan is all about technology and safety and this is where they've done a good job in the past 10 years. They were the first manufacturer to enter the market in the electric segment, obviously-- naturally with the Leaf and they've sold-- they are the number one selling manufacturer for electric vehicles and they continue to evolve that platform. And the ProPILOT Assist is just another evolution of technology and all these, as we go and we develop our technology further and further into the years, I mean, these cars-- I mean, it's funny how when I grew up and you had to put a lot of effort into driving your car and five-speeds and manuals for pretty much 75% of the cars when you learn how to drive when you're 16 or 17. And now five-speeds are a thing of the past, everything's automated, everything's technology-driven and this is just Nissan's segue into provide that technology. The best way to experience is there's a lot of videos that are out there on YouTube on ProPILOT Assist. Nissan USA has a lot of information about it. When you get some free time, go and check it out. It's very impressive. We're very, very proud of what Nissan's done for the last few years.
Amy 11:18
It's very exciting. It's an exciting time to drive when you don't have to think about it as much [laughter].
David 11:22
Yes, yes. The more safety the better.
Amy 11:24
The more safety the better. Yeah, I definitely agree with that. Okay, so let's say I came in and I was looking for-- I was looking at the Altima, would you recommend I wait for the new 2019 or--?
David 11:41
It just depends on what you're trying to accomplish, I mean, every person has a different situation and the 2019's going to be here in the end of September, mid-part to the end of September. That's what I'm being told right now. So it is definitely something to look at and especially if you currently own an Altima already or a Nissan product and that's a vehicle you're looking to get into, I mean I would definitely wait. But if you're looking at trying to get into the Nissan brand or you have another model or make, I mean, the 2018s are a great car, too. We sell a lot of them. It's our second most-volume vehicle, so it depends on what you like. But if you come on down we'll show you the 2018 because we have it here right on the ground right now and we have the cars heavily discounted right now with the year-end clearance. It's the Bottom Line Sales Event that's going on right now and we're trying to make room for the 2019s.
Amy 12:38
Yeah [laughter]. We'll show you.
David 12:41
Amy 12:41
We'll show you [laughter].
David 12:42
Amy 12:43
So you said Altima's the second best-selling, so what is [first-tier?]?
David 12:46
Yeah, in this particular store in this area we sell a lot of Sentras. Sentras is the biggest bang for your buck. It's a very, very nice car for how much money you have to spend. Nissan has continued to lead that segment and be a top player in that segment for years, and years, and years, and it's just a very affordable car for what you get. There's a lot of standard features that a lot of other manufacturers don't offer with their vehicle at these price points, and that's what makes it popular.
Amy 13:16
So is there a Nissan vehicle that you think gets overlooked, maybe not as much attention or--?
David 13:24
Oh, that's an easy question. Our number one most overlooked vehicle is the Nissan Maxima. It's our luxury vehicle on our luxury lineup. The vehicle is very, very nice and for the price-- for the starting price point of, call it around $32,000 and they build these things all the way up to 44, 45 thousand. It is a lot of car that comes with a lot of features and it is very, very nice. So definitely, the Maxima gets overlooked versus the other competitors.
Amy 14:01
All right, so if I was interested in coming to-- just as a last chance here, I was going to come to Metro Nissan Redlands, I was looking at some different dealerships, tell me why should I come here.
David 14:15
Well, first of all, the amount of service and the level of service that you're going to get when you're here. All of our sales professionals are trained at a very, very high level to understand the product that we are selling. They also provide one of the best customer service related showings of the vehicle that you can possibly have. They're very, very knowledgeable of our product and they're very, very good at providing a great experience. Our job is to provide the customer, when they come down here to buy the largest purchase or second largest purchase in their lives, is to provide the best customer service that's possible, and I think they do an amazing job at it.
Amy 14:56
Well, great. Thank you very much for your time today, David, and we'll talk to you again next month.
David 15:00
Absolutely, thank you.
Amy 15:00

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Podcast Episode 2: How Does a Customer Prepare to Negotiate the Best Car Deal?

In this episode of the Metro Nissan of Redlands Podcast, JC sat down with GM, controller, David Reynolds. It was a great conversation and JC asked questions that many GM's wouldn't answer: How Does a Customer Prepare to Negotiate the Best Car Deal? Dave did not hold back, letting consumers know what to look for and where to find that info. Check it out and take some notes.

JC 00:02
Happy Thursday. JC here with Metro Nissan Redlands monthly podcast. Excited to be here, man. It's a scorcher today. It's about 100 and, I don't know, 8. First of all, anything over 100 is just hot, man. So I'm sitting here with Mr. David Reynolds, general manager, controller here at Metro Nissan Redlands. Say hi, Dave.
Dave 00:25
JC 00:26
And we're excited, man. Again, once again, right, one of the only dealers that I know of that is willing to peel back the onions, man, peel back the onions and the layers that typically exist at a dealership and really kind of open the doors to kind of where the industry is going, man. So, Dave, I appreciate your time, man. Thanks for being here today. So today what I want to talk about is three main topics just because I think technology has had a major impact in the automotive industry. I think you would agree with that, right?
Dave 00:59
JC 01:00
All right. So let's talk about first and foremost, right? So when a consumer is buying a car, right? So as a automotive professional, right? Let's just talk about ultimate tips on how to buy a car, right? So what are the things that a consumer needs to do in order to kind of start that car buying process, right? I know they jump on Google and they can do some of those things, and so I know that deal is obviously there. But from a professional like you, what is the information that a customer needs to start gathering to arm themselves correctly in order to start negotiating on that car deal?
Dave 01:40
That's a good question, obviously, and a very important one. There's a lot of things that a consumer can do. Obviously, prior to getting here, there's a lot of information that's out there in the Internet. There's a lot of third-party websites. Budget, obviously, is important. Are you purchasing the type of vehicle that you can fit in your budget? Vehicle options. Obviously, here at Metro Nissan Redlands we sell a lot of Nissan products, and there's a lot of-- Nissan USA is obviously the big website for putting together as far as what kind of options and the right vehicle for you. And then there's a lot of third-party websites. Google has a few of them that rank pretty high, Kelley Blue Book, Car and Driver. You can get a lot of information about the vehicle from these websites. But I tell everyone you have to really read through a lot of the disclosures on websites because a lot of times when you're looking at pricing and stuff it says, "The car starts from this price, all the way up to 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 thousand dollars more than the base price of the vehicle." So just kind of knowing what model you're looking for and what price is a big thing. We generally see a lot of the third-party websites, they always work off of base pricing and then not everyone wants to come in and buy a base vehicle. They're usually looking for some options, a lot of technology. And as you add those options onto your vehicle, the price of the vehicle goes up. And knowing that that's going to be in your budget. And in California, we have some pretty hefty sales tax, unfortunately. State tax--
JC 03:35
You mean it's expensive to live in California? Shocker.
Dave 03:37
It's very, very expensive, yes. For all of us.
JC 03:39
Dave 03:40
And knowing what those fees look like is important, too, because generally, I tell everyone, depending on what you're buying, if you're buying a $25,000 car you're looking at generally about $2,500 in tax, title, license, and doc fees at the minimum. So just knowing what all those things look like and then if the vehicle is going to be able to fit in your budget. Having a general idea of how much you're looking to pay, whether you're writing a check, or whether you're financing it with us or financing it at an outside credit union. Just knowing some of that basic information before you come in is always handy. And then this is what we do for a living, too, so we've got a lot of customers that would like to know more information, even before they end up buying a car. So we help customers in that part of the process as well before they actually pull the trigger and buy the vehicle. A lot of customers come down to the dealership, they're in the fact-finding stage if you will, and our sales consultants, as well as our managers, can give customers options and give them more information to make a better decision for themselves and their family.
JC 04:57
Sure. And I think on top of that, too, is I think there's something to be said about-- it's so much easier, in my opinion, nowadays to sell a car on the dealer side, right? Because here is the reality, right, Google's changed the entire world, right? That information at your fingertips at any point in time, in my opinion, at least for the good dealers, like this one and a few others, right, so you guys have really kind of-- instead of fighting that process, you guys have really nurtured that process, right?
Dave 05:31
JC 05:32
Look, man, you have your cell phone, you have the info, so if you already have all the info, then at that point as a dealer really what you concentrate on is just the experience and the service, right? There's no point in hiding anything at that point.
Dave 05:43
Yeah, 100%. Obviously, from the last podcast we talked about technology and that kind of stuff, and when you embrace all these wonderful things, and the Internet, and all that good stuff, it actually takes a lot of the fact-finding information phase out of the process and then it generally gets the customer to us and then it lets us do what we do best, which is showcase our vehicles and provide a top-notch service when you come down to purchase a vehicle.
JC 06:15
Yeah. Sure. No doubt. So let's talk about financing for a second.
Dave 06:20
JC 06:21
Only from personal experience, by the way, right? So I'm getting hit in a million different ways, right, right now by third-party applications, right? I'll name one in particular, right? So they just happen to be very aggressive right now in marketplace, right? So I get hit by this application called Fair, right, F-A-I-R, it apparently seems to be some sort of automotive financing tool, mobile tool of some sort, right? So I did a little bit of research. So it's almost like a third-party kind of leasing, purchasing type service, right, so talk to me a little bit about how that's affected your business. Or do you know anything about that application? Have you even heard of that application?
Dave 07:11
Yeah, absolutely. We've seen a lot of TV ads on there. We've looked into it. There's a lot of information in our industry circling around with that company, and the apps that are out, and these new and up-and-comers and things they're doing. I mean, it's one of those things they're trying to change the way that we're marketing to the consumer for vehicle sales, and some of it's-- obviously, it's great, and then some of it on the flip side isn't exactly what it was all made to be. So I think just customers doing a research before-- doing a thorough research before they go out and go ahead and go down the line of using an application like that to purchase a vehicle. Doing their own homework and research, too, because there's a lot of, as I like to say, "Small language," which we kind of all do. But--
JC 08:12
And true or not true, right? One of the main things I'm getting from dealers right now when it comes to that particular application, right? So obviously, we're talking about Fair, but getting approved on the app is one thing. Being able to use that approval at the actual dealer seems to be a completely different scenario, right?
Dave 08:28
Well, the idea is really, really well. And it's a good, good idea. And we've worked with a lot of nontraditional banks to try to circumvent the process of buying a car and obtaining financing. We, ourselves, have tried to get involved in that. The problem with that whole business model is you can't physically get a check from these types of lenders. And if we're being honest, thoroughly honest with everything, dealerships are very, very aggressive. We have multiple different lenders, tons and tons of lenders that we use. They have to compete with us, other dealerships, for our business, and we pass those savings off to the customers. So when it comes time to getting the best rate and getting the best financing for your vehicle, I can't imagine anybody that could do it any better than what we do. We go directly to the banks, we negotiate the loans for you, and we generally get our customers the best rates that are available on the market. This is what we do for a living. And it's hard for me to see an application do any better than we can because we're live, human people that are in there. We go in there, and you guys want to get 4.9, 5.9 interest rates, and we're the ones who are working hard for you and getting the rate done for you at the requested amount. So it's a good thing, and also it could be a bad thing, too, because I don't physically see how-- I mean, they can provide financing, but they don't work directly with dealers, so it's kind of like a private type deal.
JC 10:12
Sure. And I think a lot of times, too, what people don't understand is some of the things that a dealer has access to that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get, right? So for example, I know one particular instance where I was just talking to someone randomly, they tried to use the application, got approved through the application, but the rate that the dealer had quoted this particular customer was actually cheaper than what the application was trying to get an approval for by a substantial amount, right? I think it was over two basis points, two percentage points, which doesn't seem like a lot at face value--
Dave 10:52
It's a lot.
JC 10:53
--but when you're talking about a 40- or 50-thousand-dollar car loan, which is what this guy was trying to buy, that's a huge difference.
Dave 10:58
It's massive.
JC 10:59
Yeah. It's thousands.
Dave 11:00
Yeah. And that's another thing, too, with these types of outside financing is they just-- it's not as simple as the general public thinks. They go through all these hoops and bounds, and also there might be stipulations that are involved, and there's algorithms that are built into these formulas that drive the rates and stuff like that. But the bottom line is we do this for a living all day long. And when push comes to shove, and it comes down to the negotiation process, we're the ones who are grinding the bank for you and trying to get you the rate that you deserve, so.
JC 11:39
Sure. And a lot of times, giving you a rate you normally, probably wouldn't qualify for sometimes.
Dave 11:45
Yeah. That happens all--
JC 11:45
And I think that happens more than people think, actually.
Dave 11:48
Absolutely. Happens all the time.
JC 11:49
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely believe that. All right. So let's talk about car lineups, right? So Nissan over the years has done a good job of positioning themselves in market, right? So typically, you're going to buy a Nissan, a lot of times you end up staying with Nissan, right? It's almost like a little cult following, right? So out of the entire model lineup right now, what would you say is the top-selling vehicle right now?
Dave 12:17
Well, I mean, you can look at SUVs. Obviously, in the United States right now, the SUV market is really hot. That's the new popular trend. We're kind of revisiting where we're at 20 years ago when the SUV caught on--
JC 12:32
Now Ford just announced, by the way, that they're literally cutting their entire model lineup on the vehicle part. The only car they're going to make is the Mustang and a hybrid but other than that, that is it.
Dave 12:46
Yeah. Well, we still see a lot of car sales, if you will. It's mostly because of our product line. We have a very popular product that are very, very fuel efficient. But the number one selling vehicle right now for Nissan is the Rogue.
JC 13:05
Dave 13:05
Yeah, the Rogue SUV.
JC 13:06
Dave 13:07
And it's kind of showed you the trend of the market, the way it's been the last couple of years, and we keep trending towards SUVs. So the Rogue and now we have the sister, which is the Rogue Sport, which is just a smaller model of the Rogue. And we are spending a lot of money right now, in terms of manufacture, into technology with the SUV market. That's where a lot of the money, the R&D money, is being spent. So it looks like it's here to stay and, obviously, we embrace it. Every different market is, obviously, different. Some markets are more car-heavy versus SUV and truck. In Southern California, we get kind of a mixed bag of everything, but as far as the segment, definitely the SUVs is the popular segment and Rogue leading the way being one of the most popular selling SUVs in the United States.
JC 14:00
Sure. Sure. And I think part of it, too, is when you look at most of these SUVs they're cross-platforms, right? So you're getting the same EPA gas mileage that you would on an Altima or a Sentra sometimes, or a Rogue or a Rogue Sport--
Dave 14:17
Yeah. I mean, you're not getting the same, but you're getting pretty well close for--
JC 14:20
But, it's pretty close.
Dave 14:21
This isn't 20 years ago when--
JC 14:23
And that's what I mean.
Dave 14:23
--SUVs got 13, 14 miles to the gallon. There's a lot of SUVs in the high 20s, low 30s on MPGs, and that's what's helped shift the market in the last couple years.
JC 14:34
Sure, sure. Yeah, no doubt. So it rides like a car, has almost the same EPA, it's really not that much more expensive, and gives you substantially more room and more comfortable, which, obviously, that's five against zero right there, right? So--
Dave 14:49
Not to mention they look really good, too.
JC 14:51
Yeah. Yeah. So I totally get that.
Dave 14:52
Very stylish inside and out.
JC 14:53
Yeah. For sure. For sure. Yeah. So totally got that. So how do you maintain that Rogue, man? So I know sometimes there's a notion in the consumer world that they can service that car cheaper at their local grease monkey or Walmart. I don't happen to believe that's the case anymore, personally, but that's just my personal opinion. But talk to me a little bit about servicing the vehicle, right?
Dave 15:19
I think over the past decade, consumers are more involved in servicing their vehicles in the new car franchise versus going to your local grease monkey or Jiffy Lube, if you will. I think consumers used to more so go to those places because the perception was the service was cheaper, and it was. But I think it's at least the same price to service your vehicle at a new car franchise versus servicing it at a third-party grease monkey, Jiffy Lube, service express, something like that. I mean, we're very, extremely competitive. We do market analysis every 30 days. We like to see our local competitors. We don't want a customer to have to go and try to save $15 by going to their local grease monkey or service express versus coming to the dealership. That way we can make sure we're very thorough in the maintenance of your vehicle.
JC 16:21
Yeah. For sure. And I think, again, ultimately, I think in the dealer world when it comes to service, I think they've caught up, right? And at the end of the day, a car, next to a house, is probably one of the most important things you're going to own. I mean--
Dave 16:38
It's the second most important thing, yeah.
JC 16:39
I mean, literally, you can't get to work if-- you know what I mean? It's that simple, right? Everything hinges on it.
Dave 16:43
Yeah. Yeah. And you can look at it, too. One of the things we like to look at is a lot of these oil change and service places, they have mechanics there that it's more of a lower-level mechanic that his specialty is just changing oil or servicing tires and brakes, and these guys don't have the specialty of servicing Nissan products. Our technicians, they go to school for multiple years of just learning all the different fundamentals of working on vehicles and servicing, and then when they get here, their training continues on through their career on predominantly just Nissan products. So you're talking about a technician when he goes to work on your vehicle, this is a guy that has received a lot of education on that specific vehicle and knows that vehicle inside and out. And that's the difference between your local service express and a Nissan franchise.
JC 17:40
Sure. No doubt. And I think what's even more important than that is the warranty that they carry behind that, right? When you come to a Nissan dealer, and you bring your Nissan Rogue for service, if something happens to not have been done correctly, the service manager and the service department is going to come in and make sure it gets done, and it gets fixed, simple as that. You know what I mean?
Dave 18:03
100%. Yeah.
JC 18:05
So there'll be no finger pointing or like, "Hey, it was there before," you know what I mean? That typically doesn't exist in the dealer world.
Dave 18:10
Yeah. Another thing, too, in the new car franchise is we have a quality inspection that's done after the vehicle is-- a QC department, if you will. That's after you've done your service. We make sure that everything was done right, and the car is in 100% working condition, and we inspect our own work. It's part of our process. No car goes uninspected after the work has been performed.
JC 18:36
Sure. For sure. Well, listen, that is all the time we have for today. I appreciate your time. More than anything, I appreciate your honesty, man. I know this is different, right?
Dave 18:46
Absolutely. It's been my--
JC 18:47
It's different, right?
Dave 18:48
--pleasure and I definitely enjoy having these discussions.
JC 18:49
It's not normal, man, for dealers to say, "Hey, man, I'll be happy to talk about third-party applications, and rates, and interest rates, and pricing, and all that whole deal," right? So--
Dave 18:59
Yeah. The bottom line is we want all the customers out there to know and understand how a dealership works, and they could have a better understanding of the process. Any information that we can provide for them, I think, makes the whole transaction easier for everyone involved.
JC 19:15
Yeah. Yeah, it's something to be said when the transaction has less friction at the end of the day, right?
Dave 19:20
JC 19:21
I mean, at the end of the day I think that's what a dealer is looking for and, ultimately, obviously, that's what the consumer is looking for.
Dave 19:27
JC 19:27
Anyways, with that being said, we appreciate anyone listening to the podcast. Thanks for your time. Like I said, I know it's a new movement. I know that most dealers aren't comfortable. I am happy to report that Metro Nissan of Redlands is more than comfortable to peel back the layers, man, and really start to be transparent with consumers. So, Dave, once again, we appreciate your time today, man.
Dave 19:50
You got it. Thanks, JC. We appreciate it.
JC 19:50
Thanks so much. And guys, have a blessed day. Thanks..

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Podcast Episode 1: Meet Your Trusted Nissan Dealer in Redlands

In our efforts to become the number one Nissan dealer in Redlands, we decided to do something that we haven't done before. We're excited to introduce our new podcast! Each month you'll be able to hear from one of our valued reps and you can expect to hear more about our values, tips for you as a consumer, and upcoming technology that will be featured on our future models. Listen to episode one now!

JC 00:01
Happy Thursday. JC here at Metro Nissan of Redlands on their very first official podcast. So uber-excited to be here, man. I got to be honest, I think I'm tearing up, man. So coming from the auto industry, breaking that barrier down, right, getting a dealer to really think outside the box. I think we can all agree that technology has really changed things. So trying to find that dealer that really sees kind of where that industry is going and how people want to be reached and talked to is very difficult. I am happy to report that Metro Nissan Redlands agrees that the industry's changing, right? A lot of things have changed. So uber-excited, man. We're going to talk about some really exciting things over the next few months that I think are going to shed some light as to how a dealership currently runs their operation, and I think you're going to be shocked that it's nowhere near what most people think. So the day of doing business like the '50s or '60s is just eradicated, right? That's just not the case anymore.
JC 01:05
So I'm sitting here with Mr. David Reynolds. He's general manager of Metro Nissan Redlands. Say hello, sir.
David Reynolds 01:10
Hello. How are you, Jimmy?
JC 01:11
I am fantastic, man. Thanks for asking. We're also sitting here with the general sales manager. Introduce yourself, sir.
Jaime Ramirez 01:17
My name is Jaime Ramirez. Thanks for having me, Jimmy.
JC 01:19
Appreciate that. So first and foremost, man, so I've heard some of the most oddball scenarios on how people get into this business. Like it's just some of the most wacky stories I've ever heard, man, is how people get into this business. So just talk to me a little bit about, Dave Reynolds, how did you get wrapped up in this business?
David 01:38
Yeah. So that's a real good question, Jimmy, because in the car business or automobile business, this is kind of an interesting think, I think. No one plans on jumping into the car business--
JC 01:49
Probably. Yep.
David 01:49
--for the matter. We all kind of get here in some weird shape or form. But I got in through a friend. Previous to this, I worked for a Fortune 500 company, a very structured environment. We worked within confined boxes, so to speak, and a friend of mine was running a small little mom-and-pop store. Asked me to work on the weekends, and I started working on the weekends to help him out, and that basically led me to jumping in with two feet and working full-time and starting basically 20 years ago.
JC 02:26
So basically, you made money and didn't look back?
David 02:28
Yeah [laughter]. Pretty much, that's the situation.
JC 02:31
That's typically what happens. So I know you had a brief stint with some really cool stuff that we'll talk about at a later time. I actually think people would love to hear some of your backing story, but I've been fortunate enough to really kind of get to know the dealership and know a lot of the bodies in here, man, and I think that part of the issue that people still have within the industry is the fact that, let's just face it, right, I think we can all agree that this industry is still tainted to some degree, right?
Jaime 03:01
JC 03:01
Would you agree with that?
Jaime 03:02
JC 03:02
Right. And we can't speak for all dealers, right? So all--
David 03:05
Yeah. I think it definitely is tainted, and I also think that it takes a lot for a customer to come down to a dealership because the perception is this is kind of a crazy and wild place. And dealerships can be intimidating, I think, and that's kind of a thing of the past. And that's kind of why we do these types of things, is to introduce ourselves to the public, to let everyone know that we are just regular people, just like they are, and we're here to provide a service to the customer.
JC 03:34
Yeah, for sure. So one of the craziest things, I think, over the last five or six years, that I think a lot of consumers don't think about is the use of technology and how that's changed our industry, right? Because let's just be honest here, right, 20 years ago, if a customer wanted to get a hold of cost on a car, right, that was not readily available.
David 03:57
It was not.
JC 03:57
It just wasn't. Like, you couldn't, right? So at this point, it's safe to say the consumer has at their fingertips, at a click of a couple buttons, right, with something called Google, they have all the information that is available, even to a dealership, at this point.
David 04:14
Absolutely. I mean, pretty much every consumer has access to it, and the internet's-- it's a beautiful thing. It's provided a lot of information out to the consumer from a pricing standpoint and a shopping standpoint. And these days, if we get someone-- it doesn't happen often because most of the time they already know. But if someone comes into the dealership and says, "Hey, I wanted to see how much you paid for the car," it's readily available, and we don't turn down. We show them, "This is how much we paid for the car," and those things are all over the internet these days, so.
JC 04:45
Sure. So one of the main things that I think-- to go along with that, is just the fact that because the consumer has access to all that, right, because the consumer has access to all the information readily at their fingertips, right, so at that point, really, we're talking about experience, right, at that point? So dealer experience, right? So Jaime, if you can kind of shed some light, just because you deal with that on a day to day basis, right? So you're up here. You're working deals. You're talking to customers. So how transparent has that process become, man? Because there really isn't nothing left for you guys to hold back. The customer already has it, so how does that process look now, compared to even like 10, 15 years ago.
Jaime 05:28
Yeah. It's night and day. It just makes it a lot easier. It makes it easier for the consumer. Okay? They can come in, get a fair price. They know they're getting a fair price, okay? It makes it easy for us, as well, because all of the haggling, all of the transparency is already there. So it makes it easy for the customer to come in and get a fair deal and get the car that they want, okay? They have an understanding of the features and benefits of the vehicle, and they get to see it in real-time when they get here with a true sales professional.
JC 05:59
And I think one of the main things on why this podcast is so important today - like I said, breaking ground, man, just doing things as they should be based on where the industry is now - is you are one of the very few dealerships that I came to talk to that actually really embraced the whole tech-forward way of process and thinking, man. Even now, to this day, the shameful part is I talked to-- out of 20 dealers, maybe 3 of them, 4 of them understand what it is the process should be. You were one of the very few that actually said, "I actually think it's a great thing that the customer has access to all the information because that eliminates another layer," right?
Jaime 06:42
Yeah. Well, in general, I think, one of the things that Jaime and myself have been able to do in the past 10, 15, 20 years is embrace technology, and technology has obviously evolved, especially in this business. And it's one of those things, if you're not embracing the technology of the present, you're going to get lost in times, and the ability to embrace technology is-- the benefit would be we're able to serve more customers and sell more cars, and that's what it's kind of turned into. And we've always looked at, you want to be in the front part of the technology, on the receiving end, not on the back end. And the technology that's out there available to you, not only the consumer but dealerships as well has been vastly improved in the last five years, ever since the recession. And we've always had that in our minds and we've always tried to embrace as much technology as possible, and we pass a lot of it on to the consumers. And the consumers-- the benefit and byproduct of that is when we sell cars, as many cars as we can possibly sell and serve as many customers as we can.
JC 07:52
Sure. So let's talk a little bit about Metro Nissan of Redlands, specifically, right? Because let's face it, right, you're not the only Nissan dealer, right? I mean, ultimately, I could probably count four other dealers within, I don't know, a 30 minute drive time of you, 40 minute drive time of you.
David 08:06
Yeah. In this area, and particularly in southern California, the Inland Empire, there's a lot of Nissan dealerships. It's a very heavily populated area. And to try to touch base just on that a little bit, that's just why we have to be that much better than the surrounding dealerships and embrace more technology, is because, you're right, customers have a lot of options. And the customer might have two or three Nissan stores in a 10-mile range or a 15-mile range, and we have to be that much better from a customer service standpoint, from a technology standpoint, and the overall perception. And that's what we're trying to do.
JC 08:46
Yeah. So you guys are serving currently, obviously, the city of Redlands--
David 08:51
JC 08:51
--and then, obviously, you import into Yorba Linda, Loma Linda, San Bernardino, Highland, Colton, I would assume.
David 08:59
Yeah. We get a lot of customers, obviously, from the Inland Empire, the areas that you just named, but we also get customers from up in the High Desert area, and also from Palm Springs, Indio. Those types of communities, I think sometimes they want to have more options. Currently, as we see here today, we've got about 500 new and pre-owned vehicles on the ground, so we have a very large inventory. And I think because of that and having the right inventory, we're able to serve more people and sort of a bigger community.
JC 09:29
Sure. So expectation for a consumer: I found the Nissan I want; I jumped on your website - which, by the way, I will tell you you've done some major overhaul on your website, really removed some of the layers and some of the friction that was there, right, so--
David 09:47
Yeah. That's a good point. That's another thing that we always try to do. We want to make it easy for the customer to search our inventory online because we do understand that a lot of the decision making process is made more in part--
JC 10:00
Pre. For sure.
David 10:00
--before the customer even comes down to the dealership. So we believe that having the customer engaging on the website and having the proper tools for them on the website, basically, and have more information at their fingertips will help them make a good decision for themselves.
JC 10:16
Yeah, for sure. Ultimately, along with that, so talk to me, Jaime, about what that day looks like, right? So I found the car; I jumped on your website; I like this Altima, 2018 Altima; you'd love the car; you've had a Sentra before; I'm local, or I'm from San Bernardino or whatever; I want to come down. What does that experience look like for me, if I'm a consumer?
Jaime 10:41
What you can expect, first and foremost, you'll be greeted at the door with a smile, okay?
JC 10:47
So you mean, someone's going to actually talk to me?
Jaime 10:48
JC 10:49
Like they're not just going to let me walk around?
Jaime 10:50
100%. And most of our clients, they have some kind of initial engagement with one of sales professionals prior to coming to the dealership.
JC 10:59
That's not creepy or anything like that, right? Like there's no creep going on?
Jaime 11:02
No, no, no. Absolutely not.
JC 11:02
Okay. Just making sure. Making sure.
Jaime 11:03
Absolutely not. We train and train and train in regards to customer service, first and foremost, okay, because that's truly what's going to set the dealership apart. Because let's be honest, just like you mentioned earlier, I mean, there's five, six Nissan dealerships within the 30-minute drive from here, so what really's going to set us apart is our attention to detail, customer service, okay? You can expect, like I said, to be greeted with a smile. The vehicle that you selected to be clean, ready for a test drive, okay, and to have somebody there that really knows the features and benefits of the vehicle over and beyond what the experience of the website's going to give you.
JC 11:43
Sure. Now, I'm just going to throw this out there, man: are you going to make me sit here for five hours, man, to work a car deal?
Jaime 11:51
Not if you don't want to.
JC 11:52
Okay. I don't want to. I don't ever want to.
Jaime 11:55
I don't want--
JC 11:55
I don't think anybody wants to, right?
Jaime 11:56
I don't want to either.
JC 11:57
Nobody wants to sit here [laughter] for five or six hours, right?
David 11:59
Well, it's a good point, and we live in the times of efficiency right now, Jimmy. And obviously, what's efficient for the customers is even more efficient for the dealership. We obviously have a-- we move a lot of metal every day and we service a lot of customers every day, so we try to simplify the processes, which makes, I think, the overall customer experience better. And it shortens the length of someone coming in here. Now, these days, if you know what you want to get or you have an idea of what you want to get, even if you don't, the sales representatives know, I mean, an exuberant amount of information about the vehicles, like Jaime mentioned. And the process is very, very streamlined. Most of the time if consumers need help choosing vehicles, we have managers ready to be available out on the lot to help them kind of narrow down what they're looking for based on their needs or wants, and we just try to overall simplify the process. So you can expect to come in and out of here-- hopefully, within the time you set foot to the time you leave, it's maybe about a two hour to maybe a two and a half hour deal. And the car washed up, detailed, gassed up, going through all the different aspects of purchasing a car, and I've seen customers get in and out of here in an hour before, from the time they step foot. Obviously--
JC 13:28
So you're not going to lose my trade-in keys or anything like that, right?
David 13:30
No. No, we're not going to throw them on the--
JC 13:32
You're not throwing them on the roof or anything like that?
David 13:33
Not throwing them on the roof. Yeah, those [crosstalk].
JC 13:34
I've heard those horror stories, by the way.
David 13:36
Yeah, that's a--
JC 13:37
And it's a shame, right? I mean--David 13:38
It is--
JC 13:38
And again, and that's what we have to work hard as a dealership, which is why you opened up your dealership for this, is because you're trying to eradicate that vision of what kind of thinking [crosstalk].
David 13:49
Yeah. And we've dealt with a lot of customers that always, when they come in here, they're like, "Wow, this is a really great place," and, "you guys are so different." And we obviously enjoy hearing that stuff because that just reinforces what we're trying to do, what we're trying to accomplish here in Redlands, and moving forward, how to better our processes and make it easier for the customer to purchase a vehicle.
JC 14:11
Sure. And like I said, I think out of all the dealers, you're one of the very few forward-thinking dealers, and for that I think, if anything, the consumer should appreciate the fact that you're willing to open up your doors and be a little forward-thinking and not get stuck from 20 years ago.
David 14:29
Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And in our dealership here, too, I think one of the really bright thing that we have is we have a lot of guys who-- we have some guys that haven't been in the business that long, and we have guys who've been in the business, like myself, almost 20 years. We have a nice range of everyone, so we have a collective staff from all different walks of life, all the way-- that kind of have done multiple roles in a car dealership and have a really good understanding of what the customer expects when they come here. And we always want to line up what the customer expectations are with what they deserve to have when they come down here.
JC 15:11
Of course. So as we continue these podcasts, again, I want to thank Mr. Reynolds; I want to thank Jaime for being here today. I think this is sometimes the hardest easiest conversation to have only because in the car business space, dealers have never been bred that way. So I want to thank you for your time. I want to thank you for your openness. As we continue these podcasts, we're going to get even deeper and even more transparent. I think you guys are going to enjoy, for all you listeners out there, I think you're going to enjoy some really next-level, refreshing way of doing business, not only in the car space specifically but, obviously, Metro Nissan of Redlands. So I want to thank Dave for his time. I want to thank you both. I really appreciate the conversation, and best of luck to you, man, and you guys stay blessed.
David 16:03
Awesome. My pleasure.
JC 16:05
Awesome, guys. Thanks [crosstalk].
Jaime 16:05
Thanks for having us, Jimmy.
JC 16:06
Appreciate it, everybody. Thanks.

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