Is the 2019 Nissan Titan Right For You?

If you’re in the market for a pickup truck, the 2019 Nissan Titan should definitely be on your list of models to consider. Nissan added the Titan to their lineup in 2003, and it quickly gained attention as a top-quality full-size pickup truck. Its first generation ran from 2003 to 2015 and the Titan is currently in its second generation, which began in 2016.

The Titan has been a staple in Nissan’s truck lineup since its release more than 15 years ago, but many customers have lamented the Titan’s lack of upgrades and redesigns over the years. The 2019 Titan, however, does not disappoint with its high performance and power, upgraded multimedia tech, and wealth of advanced high-tech safety features. The 2019 Nissan Titan has the power and capability to do everything a pickup truck needs to do, but it does so in style and is actually fun to drive.

Performance and Power

The 2019 Titan is high-performing and packs impressive power, as it must in order to effectively keep up with other full-size pickup trucks that make up its main competitors on the mainstream auto market.

A 5.6-L V-8 engine that produces 390 horsepower and 7-speed automatic transmission are both standard for the 2019 Titan. The Titan’s automatic transmission is smooth and makes driving this full-size pickup easier and more fun. Rear-drive and four-wheel drive are both options for the Titan. In terms of towing capability, the 2019 Titan doesn’t disappoint with its maximum towing capacity of up to 9,660 pounds.

Customizable Cab Style

Many aspects of the 2019 Titan are customizable and allow buyers to pick and choose between multiple options, upgrades, and add-ons to create the Titan that’s right for them.

Among the more customizable features of the Titan are the pickup’s cab style and bed length. Nissan’s 2019 Titan comes in three different cab styles—a regular cab, extended cab, and a crew cab—each of which has a different bed length. The regular cab bed length is 8 feet, the extended cab bed length is 6.5 feet, and the crew cab bed length measures 5.5 feet.

Advanced Safety Features

Equipped with a wealth of high-tech, advanced safety features, the 2019 Titan is designed to help drivers and passengers get to their destination safely and smoothly.

The safety features that are included in the 2019 Titan depends on which trim level you choose, as well as which—if any—add-ons or upgrades you select. Some of the available advanced safety features for the 2019 Titan include but are not limited to parking assist, rain-sensing windshield wipers, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alerts.

Multimedia Tech

A 7-inch touchscreen display equipped with an advanced multimedia infotainment system is now standard for the 2019 Titan. The Titan’s infotainment system is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

As for audio, the 2019 Titan is the first Titan to be available with a Fender premium stereo. This stereo delivers impeccable sound that allows you to ride in style while rocking out to your favorite songs on the radio or in your personal music library.

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Podcast: Matt Vincent, Service Writer

Matt 00:01
Hey, welcome all of our listeners here. We are at Metro Nissan Redlands. I'm going to be the host for today. It's Matt with Youth in Creative, and I got my guy here with me, man. Matt also. So we became buds because we shared our name in common. Matt Vincent, how are you, bro?
Matt 00:19
I'm doing well, I'm doing well. Thanks.
Matt 00:21
Good to see you, man. So I appreciate you being here. Obviously, I know it's pretty busy around this time. A lot of people getting some service done because of holiday season. So just real quick, I just wanted to go over, what are some of the important things that people need to be checking out on their vehicle before they head out and visit family for the holidays, and things like that?
Matt 00:41
One of of the most common things that I see is, we check the battery. You don't want to get stuck, if you stop at the gas station or whatever, traveling. And when it starts to get cold, the battery tends to die down.
Matt 00:57
Oh jeez, I didn't even realize that. Okay, so is that something that will come in maybe something like a basic checkup, like a multi-point--?
Matt 01:06
Yeah, we check every battery that comes through here to make sure everybody's good to go when they try to start up their car.
Matt 01:14
Right on. What's the, I guess, typical or average battery life?
Matt 01:19
Average battery life, in my experience, is about a year and a half to two years. Like I said, we can't really tell the age of a battery, so we check every single one that comes through here.
Matt 01:30
Yeah. You know what, I had a real quick question now that we're on this subject. I noticed, like maybe within a couple years, I had to get a different battery twice already. Now is that because I have daytime running lights that keep running, or what is it?
Matt 01:45
It's possible. It depends on the car. Newer cars now have anywhere between 15 to 22 computers that are always running, even when the car is off. So it's pulling little bit more load on the battery. But it doesn't mean it's not safe. It's just a byproduct of the technologies in cars now.
Matt 02:07
Yeah. Oh man, okay. Well, I mean, my car is a little old, so-- we got to get in tune with the new technology stuff going on. What are some other things that we got to check out, man?
Matt 02:19
So wiper blades are pretty important right now. It's starting to get cold, rain's coming. So that's pretty important. Even though we don't use it for ten months out of the year, it's pretty important to stay on top of that.
Matt 02:33
That's probably why our windshield wipers would go out in the first place, because we just don't use them enough?
Matt 02:38
Matt 02:40
Crazy. Crazy. Okay, so there's that. And another thing that someone mentioned to me before. Again, I don't really know too much about cars, man. I just know what I got to get to point A to point B. But does tire pressure change when it's getting colder?
Matt 02:55
Absolutely. For every 10 degrees it gets cold, you'll lose at least one pound of pressure.
Matt 03:00
Oh, okay. So then it might be natural then for some of our tire pressure lights to come on.
Matt 03:06
Absolutely. That can come on on altitude too. So you'll lose tire pressure the higher you go, and you'll actually happen to gain tire pressure the lower you go.
Matt 03:19
Oh, so it'll expand with the heat?
Matt 03:21
Yeah, it'll expand, contract. And it's funny, because people don't really know that it's happening until tire pressure lights start coming around.
Matt 03:32
Yeah, for sure. For sure. That's funny because on the way up here, I was telling our video team that was rolling with me. I was like, "Dude, our tire pressure light's just come on." And I started to panic, because I'm like, "Man, are we about to get stuck? Do we got a flat? Do we got a-- yeah, I don't even know if I got a spare tire in the back." So listeners out there, don't be like me. Make sure you've got a spare tire, especially if you've got people on board with you, man. All right, man, so what else do we got? We've got the tire pressure, we've got the battery, we've got the windshield wipers. Anything else?
Matt 04:04
The health of the tire itself. You don't want to be traveling on the road with your family and then your tires pops because you're low on tread depth or what have you. Or you had a nail in there that you didn't know. So that's pretty important. Checking your anti-freeze, your coolant, that's real important. Keeping the engine cool. And know it or not, that also helps with your transmission fluid too. So all that comes into play.
Matt 04:36
So somebody also mentioned this, man. Let me know if this is an actual thing. They've talked about overheating. Is there like, maybe being-- I don't know what it would be called, I guess not under-heating? But is there a thing where you could have-- it's the opposite effect of overheating?
Matt 04:56
That's a thing, but in California, I have never seen that.
Matt 05:00
Okay, so that's for people that are traveling in Colorado or [crosstalk].
Matt 05:02
Yeah, I haven't seen that in California.
Matt 05:06
Man, just-- yeah all right. Yeah, I was like, "Man, I've never heard of that either, but--"
Matt 05:08
In the snow states, they have block heaters. That way it's easier for cars to start up, then keeps the block warm with the engine. So it's, like I said, in California, I haven't seen that at all.
Matt 05:26
So, listeners out there, I just want to point out, if you don't know much about cars or how your engine working or any part of your vehicle for that fact, do what I do. Make friends, find people that work at a dealership that have the same name as you. Maybe get them to be your buddy, man, and give you all the pointers that you need to learn, because I didn't know none of this stuff. So you're educating me right now, man. I appreciate you for this, man.
Matt 05:48
You're welcome.
Matt 05:50
Just real quick, so how long have you been here?
Matt 05:53
I've been at this dealership just for a few weeks, but I've been with the Metro Group for about three years.
Matt 06:00
Oh okay. Did you transfer or something?
Matt 06:04
Matt 06:05
Right on. So what store were you coming from?
Matt 06:09
Well, I came from the San Bernadino store, before it was Larry H. Miller. I came from there.
Matt 06:18
Interesting. All right. You got any big plans for the holiday, man?
Matt 06:22
You know what, holidays for me is usually at home. Family visit me. So I don't mind that at all. I don't have to put wear and tear on my car.
Matt 06:34
There you go. Yeah, I'm like that too, man. I prefer actually not to be on the road if I can. During holidays and stuff, you just never know. People are always in a rush and just accidents and things like that that I try to avoid. Black Friday comes up. I know Black Friday's a big deal for dealerships here. So you guys probably get-- I know sales will obviously get busy around that time, but how is the service area?
Matt 06:57
The service department, it's a hit or miss every year. Sometimes we'll get a big rush, sometimes it's just mostly people stay home with their families. So it's hit or miss. I've been in the business for about fifteen years now. It's always different every year.
Matt 07:14
Okay. I do want to invite anyone that is out there getting ready to travel, again, for holiday purposes or whatnot, that you do get your car checked out. And hopefully you're getting your car checked out not just by the neighbor that you have that's a mechanic and that can put some things onto your car when you need them, but someone that's more like a doctor to your vehicle. Get it in to the actual dealer, man. I think that's one of the benefits that's not really talked about a lot. People normally get scared of prices, things like that. But I think it's important. I mean, what do you think? Is it?
Matt 07:54
Believe it or not, dealerships are actually really competitive to the aftermarket. We actually have a special going on for oil changes for 3 for $49.88, where Jiffy Lube will charge you 80 bucks a piece. The misconception is that dealerships are highly priced, but we're actually competitive, if not lower than most aftermarket shops like Jiffy Lube, or Goodyear, or anything like that.
Matt 08:28
And then you have that aspect where you guys are specially trained on your vehicles. So, I mean, I'm sure--
Matt 08:32
Matt 08:34
Yeah, that's got to stand for something. Perfect, so yeah. Again, I just invite everybody to do that. If you do want to take advantage of just how easy things have become for you, you can always make an appointment online. So you can just go to the Metro Nissan Redlands website and just hit find, where you'll set your schedule there, and hopefully you'll just be able to drive right in. Typical wait time really won't be too long, as long as you have that stuff scheduled ahead of time. Is there anything else I'm missing, Matt? Anything that we should include?
Matt 09:07
Like he said, we are specialized, we do use factory parts. We try to keep every car at the top of its performance, and fuel economy's really important now, so we try to keep the fuel economy at its maximal.
Matt 09:22
Cool. I know you said that you're going to stay home for holidays, man. Are you doing the cooking?
Matt 09:28
No, I won't be cooking.
Matt 09:31
Perfect. All right, well then hey, that means I'm open to it, I'll come, man.
Matt 09:34
All right, sounds good.
Matt 09:36
All right, guys. That's it for this episode of the Metro Nissan Redlands podcast. We enjoy you. We thank you for spending some time with us. We're going to cut it a little bit short than normal today, just because we do have holiday season here, man, and we're just going to take pictures and say hello to everybody around. Everybody stay safe, and we'll see you next month, during our next episode. Happy holidays, everybody.

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Podcast: Black Friday

Matt 00:02
All right, guys. Welcome listeners. This is the Metro Nissan Redlands Podcast for November. I'm going to be your host for today. It's Matt at Think Creative. I'm here with my guy, man, Ivan. Ivan, so you're kind of in a different position here. What's your job title first off?
Ivan 00:21
So I'm a sales consultant here at Metro Nissan Redlands.
Matt 00:24
Perfect, man. So you've always knew that you wanted to be selling cars, huh?
Ivan 00:30
Yeah. So I've been sales before. I enjoy cars. I buy and sell multiple cars on my own. So I've driven a lot of cars. So this is the area for me. This is what I like to do. I like to put people in cars that I know they're going to love. So yeah.
Matt 00:47
Shoot, man. I'll tell you. I've been walking around this lot, and there's a ton of Nissans out here right now that I would love to be behind. These 2019 Altimas are looking fire.
Ivan 00:59
Matt 00:59
They're looking nice.
Ivan 00:59
They're looking like real-live spaceships. Something straight out of a video game so.
Matt 01:04
Yeah, man. Those are looking nice. I've been getting into trucks a lot lately, man. I've seen some of the Titans come in and those are big body. I like those.
Ivan 01:14
Yeah. The new Titans are really crazy. They're developed straight from the factory for off-roading. So everything in the suspension is fine-tuned to take all those hard beatings. If you were to take it off-road or anything like that, so these new Titan trucks and also something from the future so.
Matt 01:33
Right on. So around this time, obviously, we got Black Friday. Holidays are coming. Everybody knows everything goes on sale after Thanksgiving.
Ivan 01:43
Matt 01:43
And that's from everything from electronics to vehicles. So are you guys anticipating a pretty big Black Friday here?
Ivan 01:52
Yeah. Most definitely. Every Black Friday is really good in the car business. So we're expecting a really big upcoming event. Not only for us but also, for our loyal customers. They're going to get the maximum savings out of the year. So we already have plenty of incentives and rebates that we offer every day. But Black Friday, it's going to be something else.
Matt 02:17
Ooh, that's what we like to hear. You talking about the rebates and all them. Saving money, man. So I guess one of the best parts about Black Friday is when you come to Metro Nissan Redlands, you're going to find a bunch of maybe the 2018s on deck, waiting to leave. Is that what it is?
Ivan 02:34
Yeah. So we're still going to have some 2018s left on the lot. Those are going to be really good deals, just because we don't have a lot left, and we need to get rid of our inventory. So if you like the 2018s, you're going to get an amazing deal on one. But we also have some of the 2019s coming out. So there's still deals to be made on that. So whichever way you want to go with, put it this way, you're going to walk in here and, you're going to be walking out with a brand new car and just a great deal overall.
Matt 03:08
Yeah. And these are deals that-- guys, I'm telling you. Listeners out there. This is when you really want to do your shopping. But one thing I don't want you guys to misconstrue is, take this the right way, you guys. It's going to be packed. There's going to be a ton of people here that are looking for the right car for them. We're looking for daily drivers. We're looking for just things that are nice. We want to upgrade what we already have. And this is the time to get that deal for yourselves. But one thing that we want to kind of provide is a tip for a lot of the shoppers out there. We don't have to just come in on Black Friday and spend all day here test driving, things like that. Again, it's going to busy. So you're going to have to be here pretty early. You guys are going to be here pretty early, right?
Ivan 03:56
Matt 03:56
As dealers and all.
Ivan 03:58
Of course.
Matt 03:58
So it is going to be packed. So my advice, and you let me know if this is correct or not. Should we be telling our listeners out there to maybe start doing some of their shopping now? So, that way, when Black Friday, the actual day comes, they come in here, they know what they want. And they might even be more surprised at the deal they get.
Ivan 04:18
Yeah. Absolutely. With all the information that you can get online, I do suggest taking a look at some cars that you think you might have an interest for. Especially, one thing that I do recommend is having your budget. Kind of knowing where your budget is before you go into the dealership. That way, there's no time to be wasted. And here, the sales staff, we kind of know what kind of car to place you in based on your needs, based on the kind of car that you want and the budget that you're looking for. But yeah. That's my advice. That's pretty much my advice. There's so much information out there. You can go on website. You can take a look at the cars that we have in-stock. Kind of look for the price point that you're looking for. And yeah. That's pretty much it. When you come in here, obviously, we have to take you on a test drive and kind of feel out the car. But that takes a lot less time than actually picking out a car. So that would be my advice to everybody.
Matt 05:17
In your experience, and I like to ask all my sales consulting friends, man. Do you suggest, or is it important that someone come in already pre-approved?
Ivan 05:29
No. Not necessarily. We place a lot of different people into a lot of different cars. So no matter what your situation is, even if you don't have a pre-approval, even if you don't know what kind of payment you're looking for or what kind of down payment you want to put down, that's okay. Just come on down, and we'll take the time to kind of re-evaluate your needs and kind of what you're looking for. And take the time and to put you in the right car. If you get into a car that you don't like, no matter how good the deal is, it's not a good deal. Right?
Matt 06:06
Right. Right. You got to make sure you're happy.
Ivan 06:08
Right. You got to make sure you're in a car that you're going to like. And that's what we do here. We don't play games. We don't like to waste anybody's time. But if you need that extra re-evaluation, we can definitely help out with that. So pre-approval, no pre-approval, no down payment, just come on down, and we'll work something out for you.
Matt 06:30
What happens though if people are-- let's go back to Black Friday. Or, is this only for purchasing a car? Or, are we able to lease cars? Are there specials on leases too?
Ivan 06:40
Of course. We have a lot of specials on leases, so no matter how many months you're looking to lease a car, or what you're trying to use it for, or how many miles you're trying to use a year, we have the right lease plan for you.
Matt 06:55
Perfect. And then, how about warranties bro? Is there something as far as warranties? You sometimes get a special on warranties or--?
Ivan 07:02
To be honest with you, warranties don't really-- there's not really sales on warranties. They're kind of just set price. But, I mean, all the saving that you are going to get on the overall price of the car kind of make up for that.
Matt 07:15
True. Okay. Yeah. And I know I've seen some of the Black Friday specials on their way, man. And huge savings, huge savings. So, everybody, I just want to invite you guys to, again, start doing your shopping now. Like you heard Ivan say, it's important to kind of know your price point. Know what your budget is like and what you're able to afford. Make sure that you're able to get into a vehicle that you'll be happy with. Those were all great tips. And I encourage you to use the website like he mentioned before. Hop on there. You can look at the inventory that they currently have in-stock. They might even already be showing some of the expected savings that you would have on certain vehicles. If it's not up there now, definitely want to keep your eyes out for that, because they are definitely on their way. But, again, just find the vehicle that you want at the right price point. Hopefully, find something around Black Friday that's going to put extra savings into your pocket. It's not going to hurt you too bad, break the bank or anything like that. But, again, these vehicles are meant for the long haul. I've seen these 2018s all year. They've been great. And then, when I'm starting to look at the 2019s out here, guys, man, I'm telling you. I might actually do some shopping myself. So, Ivan, if you've got some time, man, maybe you can show me some of these.
Ivan 08:34
Most definitely, brother. I'll help you out.
Matt 08:36
That's awesome. So, guys, if you have any questions, make sure you leave them in a comment section. I will have some links up so you can, obviously, visit Metro Nissan Redlands website. Take a look at what they got in store for you. And then, also, man, if you have a special vehicle that you're looking for, they also have live chats online too. So if you want to ask questions about a particular vehicle that you have in mind-- and you'll be talking to someone that's not even in sales. So don't be afraid of that. No one's trying to sell you over the internet. We just want you to come on by. Show up. Say, "What's up?" to Ivan, and say, "What's up?" to everybody else here. They'll be happy to get on a test drive, obviously. And it's all about the deals, baby. All about Black Friday savings. So come out. Get your 2018s. Get them off of his lot. Check out the 2019s if you've got it, why not? And we'll talk to you guys later. I appreciate the time, man.

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Podcast: Customer Interview

Matt 00:01
Welcome, listeners. It is another episode of the Metro Nissan Redlands podcast. I am your host for the month. It is Matt. And I'm here with-- I'm going to be honest with you guys. I chose someone randomly. And I asked him if he wanted to do a podcast, and he was willing. What I'm trying to do for everybody is just to get a different perspective on what's going on. I know we've introduced you to some of the people that work here. We talked about how long they've been doing what they do, whether they're in sales, service, anything like that. But I wanted to actually give you guys the chance to hear from someone that actually wants to buy a vehicle from us, of course, Metro Nissan Redlands. So I'm here with someone. His name is Andres. Did I say that correctly, sir?
Andres 00:47
Si. Yes. Andres Ramirez.
Matt 00:49
Perfect, Mr. Ramirez. So you're here at Metro Nissan Redlands. Why, today?
Andres 00:57
Well, it's basically, I want to buy a car.
Matt 01:02
Right. Right. Did you already have a vehicle in mind?
Andres 01:04
Yes. The Altima.
Matt 01:06
Altima. So you're looking at a 2018 or a '19 or--?
Andres 01:10
I like the '19.
Matt 01:12
'19. Those are nice.
Andres 01:13
Very nice, yes.
Matt 01:14
So the 2019 Altimas are redesigned. If you guys have not seen them yet, you'll want to hop on to the website right now. Metronissanredlands.com. Look at the 2019 Altimas. You'll see these cars are beautiful. What color you looking at?
Andres 01:29
I'm looking at the white one.
Matt 01:32
Okay. Okay. Keep it clean. Keep it clean.
Andres 01:34
I like white. It looks very classic.
Matt 01:37
So what was it about this car in particular that made you get your eyes on it?
Andres 01:44
Well, it's a very nice car. I've had Altima before, 2002.
Matt 01:52
2002. Are you trading that in today?
Andres 01:54
No. I have now a Honda Accord.
Matt 01:58
Oh, okay. Okay. So you're trading that in today?
Andres 02:00
Yes. Yes.
Matt 02:01
Wow. All right. So you're back. Originally, when you got that 2002 Altima, did you get that from here also?
Andres 02:09
No. I got that one back home in Sacramento.
Matt 02:14
Oh, all right. Wow. All the way from Sacramento. Nice. All right. So let's look at the 2019 Altimas. You already picked out your trim and everything? You already know which one exactly?
Andres 02:27
Yes. The SL.
Matt 02:30
SL. Those are beautiful, man.
Andres 02:32
Yes. Beautiful car.
Matt 02:33
Even on the inside, right?
Andres 02:35
Yes. Yes. Leather, the sunroof, the nice rims, [crosstalk]. Very nice rims.
Matt 02:45
And so you got everything that you could be looking for right now in this vehicle.
Andres 02:48
Yes. Very nice car. Very nice.
Matt 02:50
Is it just going to be for yourself? Are you kind of use it as a daily driver or--?
Andres 02:54
It's my only car. I don't have another car. I have to keep the insurance down. So it's okay. Just one car is fine.
Matt 03:06
Right. I mean, obviously, you already know the difference, then, between the Altima that you're going to purchase and the one that you had. Obviously there's seven years difference there. But even in the one year, from the 2018 to the 2019s, it's a lighter car, it's more rigid than the 2018s were back then, and then they have a ton of all new safety features.
Andres 03:32
Yes. Some of the safety feature, pedestrian assist, lane assist, it lets you know when a car is next to you so you don't crash to him. So, yes. It's a safe car, good car.
Matt 03:52
It's very good, man. I believe you chose a beautiful car. This is a excellent choice. Now, I don't know if you're like myself, but me, I'm kind of a tech person, I guess you could say. I'm always needing to charge something. You know what I really enjoyed about the Altima? When I went inside there, they had so many different USB ports.
Andres 04:15
Yes. You can charge your phone all the time. From the back--
Matt 04:18
You can charge your phone, your wife's phone [laughter], your kid's phone, everyone. That's beautiful, man. Was there anything else about this car in particular that it just blew you away?
Andres 04:34
It rides really nice. It's very classy. A good economy car. 28 city, 39 highway. I think I can get 40, 41 maybe. I drive really good, so I get really good gas mileage [laughter].
Matt 04:56
You drive safe.
Andres 04:58
Yes. Yes.
Matt 04:59
There's not a little part of you that's going to want a push this 248-horsepower vehicle?
Andres 05:05
I don't know [laughter]. Maybe when the wife is not there, maybe I can have a little fun. I don't know. You know?
Matt 05:13
Yeah. No, I mean, I'm not here to cause any tickets or anything like that. But I'm telling you, with a vehicle like this, man, I would be so tempted to just kind of accelerate a little bit. The acceleration's so strong on this.
Andres 05:28
Yes. It's fast. Very fast.
Matt 05:29
Is this all-wheel drive?
Andres 05:31
I don't think so. I don't think so.
Matt 05:36
All right. Well, okay. If it's not, then you're still be all right. I mean, nothing wrong with that. So you're looking at, then, to purchase this vehicle. Is your wife here with you?
Andres 05:48
No. She is going to be a surprise for her.
Matt 05:53
Oh, man. You're doing it big.
Andres 05:55
Yes. Yes. Maybe she'll drive a little bit, but it's really my car, but she gets to drive it too, so [laughter] we'll see. Maybe.
Matt 06:06
So it is October, man. Are you doing anything special for Halloween?
Andres 06:12
Oh, well, yes. We have kids come to our porch, and we give them candies and chocolates and stuff and so--
Matt 06:21
Andres 06:21
Matt 06:21
You dressing up at all?
Andres 06:22
No. I'm too old.
Matt 06:24
Ah, come on.
Andres 06:26
No, that's too funny. No, thank you.
Matt 06:28
Okay. Okay. Well, what about next month? What are you doing Thanksgiving?
Andres 06:32
Thanksgiving, eat a lot of turkey, lots of turkey, and my wife makes tamales. And it's fun. We drink, mariachi. It's going to be fun.
Matt 06:43
Mariachi and all that?
Andres 06:44
Matt 06:44
Are you going to give me your address? Should I go there? Should I follow you now [laughter]? What do I got to--?
Andres 06:48
You like Mexican music?
Matt 06:49
Andres 06:50
Yes? Okay. Yes. Okay. [crosstalk].
Matt 06:52
Oh, we are going to be partying.
Andres 06:54
Absolutely, yes [laughter].
Matt 06:55
So next month you guys want to tune in, I'm going to be [laughter] hanging with my newfound friend, his new car. His wife is going to be surprised, and she's going to love him for this surprise. And we're going to get some good food next month. I'm going to let you go back to shopping. Obviously, I don't want to take up too much of your time.
Andres 07:15
Thank you very much.
Matt 07:16
While you're here, I do want to say thank you. I appreciate your time on spending this with us. I did kind of approach you awkwardly, I know that.
Andres 07:23
Oh, it's okay. No, it's fine. It's fine. It's fun. It's very good car. The dealer, good dealer. You come, they take very good care of you. It's a good place, good car.
Matt 07:40
Tell me real quick, man, just before we leave, you mentioned how good the dealer was. Did you work with this dealer online at all? Did you talk to them before you came or was this you just drove by?
Andres 07:51
My son, he talked to someone, and he had everything set, and I just come. I look at the car. I drive the car. I like the car. And so they give me the good price that they said, and here we go.
Matt 08:12
And that's one thing I kind of just want to make sure all of our listeners out there are aware of. Nowadays, you don't have to worry about spending four to six hours at the dealership any longer. There's so many things that you can do in order to speed that up, speed up the process, and just make it much smoother than it used to be in the past. You can start off by going to metronissanredlands.com. You can go ahead and use the text features. You can use the contact features. You can call them straight from the website, even if you do most of your searching by using mobile phones. There's always going to be somebody there that can answer your questions. And you guys, it's actually a real person that's behind those lines that are answering your questions. And the best part about it is you don't have to feel pressured of using this service that they're providing you because, for one, it's absolutely free. Next, they're not pressuring you to buy anything, not online. They really just want to be able to provide you the information that you're looking for so that way you can make the best decision for yourself. Remember, here at Metro Nissan Redlands, we're not trying to put anybody in a bad position. We want to make sure that everybody gets what they're looking for, comes out satisfied, and that they have something to be happy with for as long as you keep your car. That's one of those purchases that's going to be lasting a long time. So make sure you take advantage of those things. You heard it here, straight from someone that's actually purchasing a vehicle here today. So if you want to be one of those people that has the same type of experience that could talk about their dealership in the best of ways, make sure you come on by Metro Nissan Redlands. And if you see me here, let me know if you want to jump on a podcast. I would love to talk with you, to speak with you, to just meet you. Talk about what it is that intrigued you about Nissan, in general. And of course, introduce you to all of our listeners. So, ladies and gentlemen, I do appreciate the time. We'll talk to you next month, when we'll have a brand-new episode. Maybe we'll talk to another customer. Maybe we'll get to know somebody else from the industry a little bit. Who knows. We'll talk to you then, though. Stay tuned. Thanks a lot. Bye.

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Podcast Episode 4: Service

Manny 00:01
Good evening, everyone. Hello. This is Manny from Think Creative. We are here at Metro Nissan of Redlands with Tom Kirk. How you doing, Tom?
Tom 00:09
Good. Welcome, everybody.
Manny 00:10
We're having a great time and we just want to know a little bit about yourself. How did you get started here in the car industry?
Tom 00:16
I started back in about 1987. My father worked for a company that did fuel injections for race cars and boats. That got me going as a small child. We built many cars together. I had a mechanical experience up until 1987 when I went to work as a mechanic. I was a mechanic for 15 years, a master technician. I decided to evolve, and better my life, and try and grow, and became a service advisor. I was a service advisor for five years. Became a service manager back in 2001. I've been a service manager ever since. Now, with the company at Redlands, I am a director of fixed operations. I oversee parts and service at a couple of our locations. And it's been a blast. There's no other business I'd ever want to be in. The car business is the best business there is.
Manny 01:13
That's super interesting, Tom. Very, very awesome. Tell us a little about your service department here at Metro Nissan.
Tom 01:20
Well, we try to separate ourselves from everybody else. You can go to literally any Nissan dealership or any dealership in general. And what I've found out over the years, it's the people. You can walk into a Nissan dealership in Las Vegas to a Nissan dealership here in Inland Empire and they look identical. And what separates us from the other dealers is our employees. Our employees are the number one, most important thing in our dealership of having the right technicians, the right advisors, the right people with great attitudes, wanting to help and doing the right things right the first time.
Manny 01:53
Awesome. Awesome. Tell me, why do you think your customers should come and service their cars here at Metro compared to a local shop or a mom and pop shop out there?
Tom 02:04
The knowledge that we have here at the dealership that is supported by the factory and ASE training is more in-depth than any independent shop. Our main focus is doing the right things right under any circumstance. We're always going to take care of our customers. And we're always going to side to our customers. We focus highly on that. It's a circle of life. Taking care of the customers here in service, and being trustworthy and honest, and doing a good job, brings that circle back up to the sales department where our customers buy new cars from us. And that circle starts all over again. And we try to maintain that and always take care of our customers so that they feel that we're a good, honest business that's always going to take care of them.
Manny 02:51
Awesome. That's super great for everybody to know. What is something that you think customers might learn by getting their cars serviced here, at Metro?
Tom 02:59
Just the focus on what your vehicle needs. Routine maintenance. We wash every single vehicle after we service them. Today's vehicles, there's not as much maintenance that was required in years past. The cars are built better now. They last longer. Oil has gotten better. Oil change maintenance is every 5,000 miles, which we recommend rotating your tires at the same time. So you don't have that 3,500 mile oil change and the 7,500 mile tire rotation that always gets mixed up. We want your tires to last as long as they can. We want your engines to last as long as they can. We just focus on making sure that your car is driving as close to being as brand new, the whole time you have it.
Manny 03:42
All right. Right. So Tom, is there any common questions that you get here at Metro Nissan?
Tom 03:47
I would say the top three questions are, "Can I get my car serviced today or make an appointment today?" The answer to that is, "Yes." We do make appointments every day, but we have plenty of technicians. I have 23 technicians and 6 service advisors always here, willing to get things done. We staff our service department with plenty of technicians to take in emergency situations, people that don't have appointments, so we can get them in and get them out as quickly as possible. Very rarely do we ever turn anyone away.
Manny 04:15
So you guys have a lot of availability here and a lot of technicians. You'll always be serviced.
Tom 04:19
We have 28 stalls, which is quite a bit. And like I said, we wash every car that comes through the service department. The second question that we always get a lot of is, "Tire pressure lights on." And that can change within six degrees of temperature. With our climate up and down here, out in Inland Empire, it can 80 degrees one day and 105 the next day. So as you drive, your tire gets hot and it builds-- the pressure increases. So your tire pressure can drop on a cold night. It can raise on a hot night. And it seems like, "Oh, my tire lights always on." But any time, we're more than welcome to adjust that for you. Just come on it and we'll do it while you wait. It's no charge. The third question is, "Check engine light's on. How much do you charge to diagnose the check engine light?" We will scan the vehicle at no charge and tell you why the light's on. Unfortunately, it gives us a rough area of what component is causing the failure, but it doesn't tell us why. It could be a wiring problem from point A to point B. But at any time, we will pull the code for you at no charge and tell you why the lights on.
Manny 05:28
That's awesome. Is there any tips that you can give your customers about maybe the tire pressure light going off? You said the degrees [inaudible] tips.
Tom 05:38
Yeah. I would say, "Take a quick walk around the vehicle and see if any of the tires look extremely flat." If you have plenty of air in the tires and it looks okay, you're okay to drive to your closest gas station to maybe check the air pressure if you don't have a gauge. At the same time, if you're close to the dealership. I just don't want people driving on their tire when it's flat. Because when the tire's low, that's where the damage happens to the tire that you can't fix. You might have a simple nail in the tire. But if you drove it with low pressure, the rim actually cuts into the side wall and damages the tire. And we don't want that to happen either.
Manny 06:10
Right. Right. All right, Tom. So last question. What is the common mistakes that you see people doing in caring and maintaining for their own car?
Tom 06:20
I would say there's a few. One, not rotating their tires. Before we-- like I said in the past, we rotated tires every 7,500 miles and change the oil every 3,500 miles. Now, you should set it at 5,000 miles. Rotate your tires and do your oil change at the same time. You're going to get the maximum wear out of your tires. You're going to be able to identify alignment problems that may be wearing your tires abnormally, or tire pressure being too low or even too high can wear the tires. But when you rotate them every 5,000 miles, they seem to last a lot longer. The other conception is fuel economy. Our price in gas is so expensive. And the two biggest contributors to that is a dirty air filter and low tire pressure. So it's just so important that you change that air filter once a year, especially in this desert that we live in.
Manny 07:11
It's very dusty out there.
Tom 07:13
Yeah. And you don't really notice it, but those are your two biggest factors. We want you to get the best fuel economy you possibly can. So does our government. So rotating the tires, keeping the air pressure up to par, and changing that air filter, is probably the best advice I can give you.
Manny 07:29
Awesome. Well, I appreciate your time, Tom. This is again, Tom Kirk, from Metro Nissan. And I'll see you guys later. Thank you, Tom.
Tom 07:36
Thank you.

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