Car Dealerships Near Mossy Nissan

If you are a Nissan driver located in San Bernardino County, check out Metro Nissan of
Redlands for all of your automotive needs. Located north of Mossy Nissan in Oceanside

& Mossy Nissan in Escondido.

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used Nissan or are looking for a reputable
place to get your current Nissan serviced or repaired, call or stop by Metro Nissan of
Redlands today.

About Metro Nissan of Redlands

Metro Nissan of Redlands is a top-rated official Nissan car dealership that is located in
the city of Redlands, California and proudly serves valued customers from throughout
Redlands and San Bernardino/San Diego Counties as a whole.

This full-service car dealership prioritizes customer service and offers many different
automotive services including an inventory of a wide range of new and used Nissan
models; maintenance services, repairs, and part replacements for all Nissan vehicles;
and targeted financial planning for customers interested in purchasing a car from the

3 Reasons to Buy from Metro Nissan of Redlands

There are several characteristics that define Metro Nissan of Redlands as one of the
highest-rated car dealerships and service centers in San Bernardino County.
Here are 3 reasons why it’s worth it to buy your next Nissan from Metro Nissan of
Redlands if you haven't already purchased from Mossy Nissan.

1. On-Site Service and Parts Center

Metro Nissan of Redlands does much more than just sell cars. In fact, they are home to
an on-site service and parts center that offers a wide range of scheduled maintenance
services, repairs, and genuine OEM part replacements for Nissan vehicles.

The service and parts center at Metro Nissan of Redlands is staffed by a team of
certified technicians who are approved by Nissan to perform scheduled services,
repairs, and part replacements on any Nissan. All of the technicians at Metro Nissan of
Redlands undergo training to gain the experience, skills, and knowledge they need to
utilize Nissan-approved tools, equipment, and techniques to service and repair any
Nissan vehicle.

After you buy a car from Metro Nissan of Redlands, this car dealership keeps taking
care of you and your car by offering quality, reliable services and repairs to keep your
Nissan in great condition and running smoothly for as long as possible.

2. Trained and Knowledgeable Staff

Metro Nissan of Redlands is a full-service dealership that is staffed by a team of
specialists in sales, finance, service, and parts. These specialists are uniquely
knowledgeable about all things Nissan in order to offer the most informed, up-to-date
services and information to this car dealership’s valued customers.

Each and every team member who is part of the Metro Nissan of Redlands family is
specially trained to provide the highest-quality services to all customers who step foot
on the Metro Nissan of Redlands lot.

3. Comfortable Customer-Oriented Amenities

If you asked a large group of people to think of pleasant places where they like to spend
their time, the inside of a car dealership would likely not be an answer that ranked highly
on anyone’s list. Car dealerships are notoriously associated with stress and
inconvenience compounded by long wait times and inattentive service. The team at
Metro Nissan of Redlands strives to transform consumers’ expectations of the car
dealership experience from negative to positive.

Waiting is an inevitable part of visiting a car dealership. Whether you have some
downtime during the process of buying a new car or you’re waiting for your car to get
serviced, Metro Nissan of Redlands offers customer-oriented amenities to keep
customers comfortable and happy from the moment they set foot on this dealership’s lot
all the way up to the moment they leave.

Metro Nissan of Redlands is home to a large, comfortable waiting lounge, a cozy
internet café coffee bar, and a Metro Nissan Kid’s Zone play area for children. These
spaces are designed to make all customers feel at home and pass their downtime at the
car dealership while actually enjoying themselves instead of checking their watch every
5 minutes. Complimentary amenities that are offered in these customer-oriented spaces
at Metro Nissan of Redlands include coffee from Starbucks, high-speed WiFi, fresh
chocolate chip cookies, TV entertainment, and more.

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Best Nissan Hybrid Cars

Nissan has tried to get a head start by creating it's own Nissan Hybrids. Over the past decade, there has been a major shift in the mainstream auto industry. Advancing technology and strengthening the global emphasis on prioritizing the reduction
of carbon emissions has contributed to a gradual yet significant shift away from fully
gas-powered cars toward hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

Nissan is a very well-known and reputable auto manufacturer and brand. This
multinational automaker company was founded in 1933 and is based in
Japan—although they distribute the cars they produce worldwide. Nissan vehicles are
high-performing, reliable, and diverse.

Currently, Nissan also reigns as the highest seller of electric cars among all major
automakers around the world. Nissan has devoted significant resources over the past
two-plus decades to develop their line-up of hybrid and all-electric vehicles. In fact,
Nissan released the first-ever globally-distributed all-electric car when they unveiled the
100% electric Nissan LEAF in 2010. A decade later, Nissan’s LEAF remains the
top-selling electric vehicle of all time.

2019 Nissan Rogue Hybrid

Nissan’s current vehicle lineup includes multiple hybrid and all-electric vehicles. While going all-electric has a number of benefits, making the switch from fully gas-powered to all-electric is not a practical choice for every driver. Many drivers who want to save gas money and reduce their carbon footprint while prioritizing both eco-friendliness and convenience choose to drive a hybrid gas-electric vehicle instead.



Each Nissan hybrid vehicle is equipped with a parallel hybrid system that includes both a traditional gas-powered engine and an electric lithium-ion battery. If you are in the market for a hybrid car, keep reading to explore Nissan’s expansive and diverse selection of high-performing, reliable and efficient hybrid vehicles.

Nissan Altima Hybrid

The Altima Hybrid is a mid-size passenger sedan that seats 5 passengers in its
spacious, comfortable cabin. It is a safe, dependable vehicle that is perfect for families
and commuters alike.

Both powerful and efficient, the 2019 Nissan Altima Hybrid is equipped with either a
182-horsepower, 2.0-L 4-cylinder or 236-horsepower, 2.5-L 4-cylinder engine and
averages 28 MPG on city streets and reaches up to 39 MPG on the highway. Nissan’s
2019 Altima also comes with a budget-friendly price tag. This comfortable, functional,
and reliable commuter and family car has a starting price of just $24,000. If you’re in the
market for a dependable family-friendly mid-size sedan that will last, the Nissan Altima
Hybrid could be the right choice for you.

Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

The Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid is a full-size SUV that is functional as well as eco-friendly
and fuel-efficient. Hybrid cars that are both efficient and powerful are rare, but Nissan’s
Pathfinder offers the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, Nissan discontinued their
Pathfinder hybrid model after the 2015 model year—but you can still buy a pre-owned

With a 250-horsepower engine and a maximum towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds,
the 2015 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid is ready to put in work. This powerful hybrid SUV
reaches an average of 25 MPG on city streets and 28 MPG on the highway. While this
mileage might seem somewhat low when compared to that of other smaller, less
powerful hybrid vehicles, it is impressively efficient for a powerful full-size hybrid SUV.
As Nissan’s Pathfinder Hybrid models are only available used, their starting prices vary.

Nissan Murano Hybrid

The Nissan Murano Hybrid is another Nissan hybrid SUV. It was removed from Nissan’s vehicle
lineup after the 2016 model year, but pre-owned Murano Hybrid models are still readily
available on the market.

Nissan’s 2016 Murano is functional and offers a good amount of power with its 2.5-L
4-cylinder internal combustion engine and maximum towing capacity of up to 1,500
pounds. Due to its smaller size, it is slightly more fuel-efficient than the larger
Pathfinder—reaching an average of 28 MPG on city streets and 31 MPG on the

Nissan Rogue HEV

The Nissan Rogue Hybrid is a compact SUV that is comfortable, spacious, and makes
an excellent family car.

Nissan’s 2019 Rogue Hybrid is one of Nissan’s most fuel-efficient hybrid SUVs due to
its compact frame. It reaches an average of 33 MPG on city streets and 35 MPG on the
highway. The 2019 Rogue Hybrid is also budget-friendly and is available at a starting
price of about $27,700.

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Are Nissans the Safest Cars in Redlands?


The roads of Redlands are prowled by dangerous predators: California drivers. Buy some of the safest cars in Redlands today at Metro Nissan of Redlands! 




Car crashes happen all too often these days. Here’s the facts: 

  • The United States has an average of 6 million car accidents per year. (DriverKnowledge.com) 
  • In California alone, there were 3,304 fatal car accidents in 2017. (KitayLaw.com) 

Buying a car that puts protection first has never been more important. Thankfully, Metro Nissan of Redlands has just what you need. Our vehicles are some of the safest cars in Redlands. Nissan’s Safety Shield Technology framework provides impressive protection in three steps: monitoring for dangers, responding to try to prevent accidents and protecting you when collisions occur. 



Safest Cars in Redlands - Step 1 - Monitor Safest Cars in Redlands - Step 1 - Monitor


The best way to protect yourself and your passengers is to never get into an accident in the first place. Nissan’s first step to keeping you safe is to provide technologies that can catch dangerous conditions before you have an accident. 

  • Highlighted Tech - Blind Spot Warning
    • It’s impossible to see everywhere around you all at once, but Nissan can help. 
    • Our Blind Spot Warning system sees where you cannot, and alerts you to obstacles in your way. 
    • You’ll see alerts on your door pillar and/or Advanced Drive-Assist Display as well as hear a warning chime when you turn on your turn signal. 
  • Highlighted Tech  - Predictive Forward Collision Warning
    • No matter how careful you are, you can’t account for other drivers ahead of you making mistakes. 
    • Our Predictive Forward Collision Warning can help with that, though. 
    • This system uses radar sensors that can see as much as two cars ahead of you. 
    • When one of these other drivers slams on the brakes, you’ll get both audio and visual alerts to let you know you might want to as well. 



Safest Cars in Redlands - Step 2 - Respond Safest Cars in Redlands - Step 2 - Respond


Sometimes you just can’t avoid problems passively, and you’ll have to take action to avoid the accident. Nissan’s second step to safety is to give you technologies that help you respond to such conditions quickly and carefully so you can come out harm-free. 

  • Highlighted Tech - Vehicle Dynamic Control 
    • When you need to steer out of the way of something such as another car, the last thing you want is to lose control. 
    • Nissan’s Vehicle Dynamic Control system uses a series of sensors to help you steer. 
    • These sensors monitor individual tire speed, brake pressure force, steering angle and yaw rate. 
    • The system automatically adjusts engine power and brake force to help prevent over-steering or under-steering



Safest Cars in Redlands - Step 3 - Protect Safest Cars in Redlands - Step 3 - Protect


Despite all the best efforts of you and your car, accidents are all too often unavoidable. Nissan’s third step to shielding you from the worst damage is to create a car that can take a beating without you receiving one as well. 

  • Highlighted Tech - Nissan Advanced Air Bag System 
    • The old-but-gold standard for cushioning car drivers and passengers from damage are air bags, but Nissan takes the time-tested tech to all-new levels. 
    • Dual-stage supplemental front air bags, seat belt sensors and occupant-classification sensors automatically detect and adjust force depending on the size and height of the person being protected, crash intensity and seat belt usage. . 
    • Front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags are kept within the seat so that they deploy where you are at all times. 
    • Active head restraints move up and forward to counter the force of a rear-end collision, reducing or even eliminating whiplash injuries. 


Are you in search of a car that excels at monitoring for, responding to, and protecting from dangerous accidents? Come check out our selection of some of the safest cars in Redlands today at Metro Nissan of Redlands! 


Source: Nissan, Driver Knowledge, Kitay Law 

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