Why Buy the 2019 Nissan Titan?

2019 Nissan Titan & Why You Should Buy

The 2019 Nissan Titan is the latest model in Nissan’s popular Titan truck lineup.

The 2019 Titan model is a full-size pickup truck that is the latest model in the second generation of Nissan Titan trucks. The Titan truck has been an integral part of Nissan’s lineup since its first generation launched in 2003, and the 2019 model is just the latest and greatest addition to the Titan legacy.

One of the best things about the Titan is how customizable and versatile it is. When you buy a Nissan Titan, you are presented with many options that allow you to personalize your Titan to fit your needs and preferences in terms of everything from exterior design to add-on tech options.

In terms of drive performance and high-tech infotainment and safety features, this years' Titan holds its ground against competitors and definitely does not disappoint. If you’re in the market for a new full-size pickup truck, here are 3 reasons why the 2019 Nissan Titan might be your best option.

1. Powerful Performance

Although the 2019 Titan does not come with any additional, alternative, or upgraded engine options—which has come as a slight disappointment to some drivers—all 2019 Titan models and trim levels come equipped with a top-quality V8 engine that delivers impressive power, speed, and control seemingly effortlessly.

The standard engine in the 2019 Nissan Titan is a powerful 5.6-L V8 engine that is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission. This engine and transmission pairing allows the Titan to offer powerful performance and a smooth ride for drivers and passengers alike. The power of the 2019 Titan is complemented by this full-size truck’s high performance in other areas directly related to driving. In addition to high power and a smooth ride, the 2019 Titan offers accurate steering and powerful brakes that allow for precise, effortless control on the road. The high performance of the 2019 Titan makes this truck easier and more fun to drive than many of its competitors within its vehicle class.

2. Upgraded Infotainment

The Nissan Titan’s infotainment got a major upgrade in 2019. Upon its initial release, the 2019 Titan immediately impressed drivers with its brand-new infotainment system that keeps up with modern standards for high-tech features and convenience. Its new infotainment system includes effortless smartphone integration, a full voice control menu, top-of-the-line audio and navigation features, and much more.

The 2019 Titan’s new infotainment system comes as a standard feature in every 2019 Titan model and trim level. It includes a built-in 7-inch touchscreen display that is in full color. It also includes a built-in GPS navigation system and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This compatibility allows drivers to easily connect their Apple or Android smartphone or other mobile device to their Titan’s infotainment system and get instant access to their personal music libraries, podcasts, contacts, etc. etc. The 2019 Titan’s new and improved infotainment system also minimizes driver distraction to ensure a safer, more convenient ride all-around.

3. Active Safety Features

Nissan’s 2019 Titan comes with a host of available safety features that help you maintain peace of mind on the road and help you and your passengers get to your destination safely.

The active safety features available in the 2019 Nissan Titan truck include blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, and much more. Rear door alert is a feature that combines safety and convenience and is brand new in the 2019 Titan. The rear door alert feature automatically reminds drivers to check the backseat before they leave and lock their vehicle. It is designed to prevent children and pets from getting temporarily forgotten in the back seat, which can become very dangerous very quickly.

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Is the 2019 Nissan Titan Right For You?

If you’re in the market for a pickup truck, the 2019 Nissan Titan should definitely be on your list of models to consider. Nissan added the Titan to their lineup in 2003, and it quickly gained attention as a top-quality full-size pickup truck. Its first generation ran from 2003 to 2015 and the Titan is currently in its second generation, which began in 2016.

The Titan has been a staple in Nissan’s truck lineup since its release more than 15 years ago, but many customers have lamented the Titan’s lack of upgrades and redesigns over the years. The 2019 Titan, however, does not disappoint with its high performance and power, upgraded multimedia tech, and wealth of advanced high-tech safety features. The 2019 Nissan Titan has the power and capability to do everything a pickup truck needs to do, but it does so in style and is actually fun to drive.

Performance and Power

The 2019 Titan is high-performing and packs impressive power, as it must in order to effectively keep up with other full-size pickup trucks that make up its main competitors on the mainstream auto market.

A 5.6-L V-8 engine that produces 390 horsepower and 7-speed automatic transmission are both standard for the 2019 Titan. The Titan’s automatic transmission is smooth and makes driving this full-size pickup easier and more fun. Rear-drive and four-wheel drive are both options for the Titan. In terms of towing capability, the 2019 Titan doesn’t disappoint with its maximum towing capacity of up to 9,660 pounds.

Customizable Cab Style

Many aspects of the 2019 Titan are customizable and allow buyers to pick and choose between multiple options, upgrades, and add-ons to create the Titan that’s right for them.

Among the more customizable features of the Titan are the pickup’s cab style and bed length. Nissan’s 2019 Titan comes in three different cab styles—a regular cab, extended cab, and a crew cab—each of which has a different bed length. The regular cab bed length is 8 feet, the extended cab bed length is 6.5 feet, and the crew cab bed length measures 5.5 feet.

Advanced Safety Features

Equipped with a wealth of high-tech, advanced safety features, the 2019 Titan is designed to help drivers and passengers get to their destination safely and smoothly.

The safety features that are included in the 2019 Titan depends on which trim level you choose, as well as which—if any—add-ons or upgrades you select. Some of the available advanced safety features for the 2019 Titan include but are not limited to parking assist, rain-sensing windshield wipers, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alerts.

Multimedia Tech

A 7-inch touchscreen display equipped with an advanced multimedia infotainment system is now standard for the 2019 Titan. The Titan’s infotainment system is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

As for audio, the 2019 Titan is the first Titan to be available with a Fender premium stereo. This stereo delivers impeccable sound that allows you to ride in style while rocking out to your favorite songs on the radio or in your personal music library.

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Find the Nissan Truck That is Right for You

If you are in the market for a truck keep on the lookout for information on Nissan Trucks. This lineup includes the Nissan Frontier, the Nissan Titan and the Titan XD. How you determine what truck is right for you is an interesting matter.

The Nissan model trucks for 2019 are some of the best trucks on the market. Nissan has come a long way from the Spartan, match-box pickups that sold because of their size and gas mileage. That’s the stuff Nissan produced in the past century. Today, a Nissan truck is big, it comes from the manufacturer in superior packages, and it provides luxury and styling along with strength and utility. Nissan Trucks offer buyers a means to navigate the urban jungle with as much style and agility as it would the Wyoming grasslands. The truth is, Nissan trucks evolved into everyday vehicles for people who want range: From rugged utility vehicle to luxurious ride.

Nissan Truck For Work

As work trucks go, the two-door Nissan Titan is a great choice for commercial use. This isn’t the situation where you rent a truck for a weekend. This is about owning a truck for work. For that, the Titan’s long bed and V8 power under the hood will endear it to people who want a weekly paycheck. Several standard features of the Nissan Titan will appeal to people who make a living with a pickup:
Keyless entry and push-button start
Bluetooth audio and phone streaming
Power windows and power locks
A highly functional tailgate
1950-pound payload

Many luxury features make the Titan a comfortable vehicle. Power doors and locks, Bluetooth streaming, tilt steering wheel and cloth seats make work that much more enjoyable. Who doesn’t want all the extras? The job is eight-hours a day long. It just makes sense to have creature comforts when you’re in the truck for long stretches.

For safety, the Titan offers Nissan front airbags, curtain airbags, door guard beams, an impact absorbing steering column and much more.

Nissan Truck For Recreation

If you want a truck that can ford streams and scale steep, rocky inclines in the wilderness and allows enough headroom for a ratty old Indiana Jones hat, then the Nissan Frontier Pro 4X is the truck for you. This truck is great for the weekend guy who needs to move furniture or the environmental guy who wants to clean up a little trash.

It’s a truck for guys who identify with weekend warriors. The Frontier is smaller, nimbler, but it can do more than most trucks. The Frontier has four other trim packages, so it has the flexibility to appeal to any customer. If you’re a regular guy who pines after an occasional adventure, the Frontier Pro 4X is for you. If you think you’ll probably use it as a commuter vehicle, you’re joining a big club. The Frontier is designed for you with a comfortable, flexible interior and all the extras. You may drive the wheels off of it without ever fording a stream, and you won’t betray the truck's

Features you want include:
Four-wheel drive capabilities
Blistien shocks
Off-road tires
Skid plates
Electronic locking rear differential
Bucket seats
Touch screen with Nissan Connect Navigation
Voice Control
Satellite Radio

As pickups go, it’s small, so it buzzes around in traffic with ease. It’s a pleasure to drive.

Extra features include:
Fog lights
Backup camera
Parking sensors
Dual-zone automatic climate control

Do any of these features appeal to you? This is a competitive market sector, so you should find the price you like. With an economical four-cylinder V6 and standard features like a king cab, the Frontier truly can do it all. It even has a 6450-pound towing capability, so it can pull most toys.

Pull Heavy Duty Trailers

Everyone’s gravitating toward tow packages these days, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you should check out the Nissan Titan XD. This is Nissan’s entry into the heavy-duty pickup market. The Titan XD is a big truck, and it comes with packages pretty typical of this line. It offers the following features:
A big crew cab body
A reinforced F-Alpha frame
A Cummins 5.0 liter V8 diesel engine
Advanced Driver Assist

The Titan XD offers seven trim levels and three cab options. It also includes a four-wheel-drive edition. This is the perfect start-up truck in this class of pickup for people who have mastered the conventional truck and are ready to move up to something a bigger, something that could tow 12,000 pounds. That’s enough towing capacity to pull a motor home or a yacht. The Titan XD has an exciting acceleration with 550 torque, and the diesel engine produces an impressive 390 hp.

Nissan trucks have all the bases covered. It behooves the serious buyer to check out all the features and options the Nissan trucks offer.

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